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If You Time It Right, You Could Find a Great Deal on an iPhone

With how often new iPhones are released, it is hard to not try and snag up the new version every single year. The new innovations, slicker and sleeker models and latest features make it quite tempting! However, that is not a feasible way of living for most people. For the average person, getting a new iPhone is the result of a misplaced or lost cell phone, a broken device beyond repair or a necessary upgrade from an outdated model. When this does happen, it can be a nuisance going about getting a new phone, in addition to being extremely costly. But if one plays the market correctly and times everything perfectly, getting a new, or even slightly used, iPhone can be a much more affordable ordeal. All it takes is a willingness to find a good deal.


Deals From Apple or Resellers

When it comes to purchasing an iPhone from Apple, there are constant deals to help make it more affordable. One option is to pay close attention to when the new versions are being released. If one has the luxury of waiting a few months, assuming they did not lose or completely shatter their current one, until the new iPhone comes out, then the previous model usually drops significantly in price. Apple also offers trade-ins if one simply desires a newer model which can help bring down the price tag as well (unfortunate for the younger sibling or child who was due for that person's older iPhone though). Additionally, Apple enjoys seasonal deals, such as offering free Beats by Dre headphones, a printer or gadget, which will not lower the price but one can then sell the included gift to save on what was spent. However, rather than purchasing an iPhone directly from Apple, it is wise to see what deals one's carrier is offering. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and other cell phone companies like to offer special deals for existing customers, trade-in value and lower prices on certain phones for opening a new line.

When it comes to getting a new iPhone, it does not have to necessarily be new to still be a newer, better functioning model for the buyer. For those who do not trade-in their current model, win a raffle or however they come across having an iPhone to sell, many people turn to eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or some other online platform for selling. This is a great way to purchase an iPhone affordably while still getting an upgrade. It is wise to be wary of whom one purchases from though. If possible, buy the used iPhone locally so going to see and investigate the device before making the purchase is feasible. Also, ask the seller for the IMEI number which is a unique number to the carrier and can be used to check if the device has been reported stolen. If one attempts to set up an iPhone that has been reported stolen, it will not work and be utterly useless. Although purchasing a pre-owned iPhone has its risks, taking the extra steps ensures it is intact and functioning while still scoring a great deal.

Cyber Monday Deals

Sometimes, there are just not any Apple or carrier deals going on, or maybe the deals currently being offered are not enticing enough to lower the costs. Many people avoid purchasing a used iPhone from an unverified seller online so as not to be scammed. If you find yourself in this boat, then it is time for every shopper's favorite holiday: Cyber Monday. The Monday after Thanksgiving always offers amazing online deals for those who know which sites to search in, and they tend to be even better than the even more infamous Black Friday deals. When it comes to buying gadgets and tech, Cyber Monday tends to have the best deals around, and if one is looking to score an iPhone, then this one is a no-brainer. With modern technology, one no longer needs to purchase an iPhone in the store to get it set up and activated. Once the iPhone is delivered, entering one’s necessary information will upload all of their previous data via iCloud, as well as get it set up with the carrier. And even if one is in need of a new iPhone in September or October, it is wiser to wait until the end of November to score on all the crazy online deals. At the end of the day, it all comes down to timing!