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How Do You Choose the Perfect Personalized Holiday Gift?

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift, the one they will cherish forever. It can be hard to find that one gift that shows how much we care. Having a gift personalized can be the perfect way to express your deep regard, for colleagues, family, and friends!

There are many things that can be personalized in a variety of ways, from metal engraving to glass etching to embroidery. This guide will help you choose the perfect personalized gift for Christmas or any scenario.

Steps To Choosing The Perfect Personalized Gift

  1. Consider Who Are You Buying The Gift For
  2. Determine Their Interests
  3. Plan For Potential Personalization
  4. Figure Out a Budget
  5. Research, Research, Research!
  6. Determine Where You Will Buy The Item
  7. Make It Yourself If You Need To

The Steps Explained

When you are choosing a gift for someone, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, who is the gift for? If it is a family member, you probably have a good idea of what they would like. That is to say, you know what color, style, usefulness, all these things are considerations. Do you know if they prefer something they can actually use or something they would want to display? Of course, those are things you want to know about anyone you are buying a gift for.

Think about what your recipient would want. It sounds easy, right? Too often our choices for others reflect our tastes more than theirs. We buy it because we would like it. You may not like a particular color combination but your friend loves it. Buy what they like, not what you would like. Make them Happy. What are you going to have personalized?

  • Handmade items are a fantastic idea for family and friends, but maybe not so much for colleagues. Then again, it depends on the person and what they might like. Perhaps your boss has a fancy for wood carvings or unique items that no one else has. In that case, a gift that is handmade and personalized would be perfect!
  • Metal engraving is a great way to personalize something, and it makes a charming gift for anyone. An engraved desk set, for example, or a vanity set with mirror, comb, and brush all engraved. Again, keep in mind the tastes of the person you are buying it for.
  • Etched glass is a stunning way to personalize a gift for someone. Whether it is a set of 50th Anniversary goblets or a mirror made just for her, a gift of etched glass can be a perfect gift for any occasion. A jewelry box with the tiny mirror inside engraved with a moving message would speak volumes. Glass etchings are a great gift to fit anyone on your list.

The next two steps really go hand in hand and are of equal importance, so we will start with, How much are you willing to spend? That is an important thing to think about and decide on. However, if you have not researched what your gift idea could cost it will be hard to set a limit. Any personalized gift will vary in terms of cost because there are many factors involved. Set yourself a budget with a little lee-way, just in case what you decide on costs a bit more than you thought.

Researching personalization techniques and mediums is not that hard. First, you should decide what you want done, then either do an online search, call your local economic center, or ask around. You will surely have no trouble locating the shop you need, or even just someone who works at a local flea market or mall kiosk. 

At this point you need to decide if you want to be “hands on” with your gift or if you want the shops online to personalize it before they ship it. Many online shops offer to personalize specific items and you would do well to check and be sure they have and do what you need. In a brick and mortar shop you can see what you are getting ahead of time.

If you have a crafter's spirit and a special talent, you could always make a gift yourself. You should know that by the time you buy all the supplies it might have been less costly to buy something similar already made. However, if that is not an issue then giving a gift you made yourself is really the perfect, personalized gift, for Christmas or any other occasion. No matter if you put their name or initials, or any other message, on the gift itself, they will know you made it just for them and there is not another one like it in the world. How “personal” is that?