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How to Decorate Your Home Like a True Parisian

France has been one of the most unique and worthy pioneers of the art of interior design for as long as history has documented the trade.

Walking into a French native’s home is like walking into a museum dedicated to cluttered elegance, or chic chaos. The French have mastered the art of confidence in design, and it is one of the first things that anyone can spot in their style of interior decor.

Decorating like a Parisian does not consist of following steps, rules, or regulations. To give your home a touch of Parisian style, you have to incorporate the Parisian air to your own being. Be unafraid of mistakes, brave enough to mix and match eras, patterns, and styles, with just the right sprinkle of character and chaos that makes the whole home feel like a living, breathing version of you.

Below are our piddle paddled steps to follow towards the path of your own Parisian home, with its je ne sais quoi combination of vintage and modern, intellectual and artistic, and formal and bohemian:

Don’t stray from the colors of nature

If you’ve ever encountered a Parisian woman, you would notice straight away that everything about her attire, hair, and makeup, no matter how put-together, feels like a second layer of her skin.

The same applies to a Parisian home. You will never find “eclectic” colors like bright purples and oranges taking over the whole atmosphere of a room. The base will always be a natural cream, white, or brown, with any bright color used sparingly only to add a certain oomph to the room.

Portray your life...through books

One thing a Parisian will always do to add a touch of character to their interior is to bring their travels, experiences, and overall essence to every room.

A creative way to do so is by incorporating books into every corner of your home. Decorate your coffee table with aesthetically pleasing books, be it Jane Eyre or Alexa Chung’s It, incorporate them into your kitchen shelves, or decorate your side tables with a pair.

Every room is a subtle art exhibition

The city of light is also the ultimate destination for all kinds of aspiring artists, from poor painters to tortured writers, and this is something that should most definitely be incorporated into your home.

Adding pieces of art, from paintings to poetry printouts to your walls can add a whole new dimension to your interior. A trick by French designer Morgane Sézalory is to skip the nail holes in the wall and creatively display your art by leaning it against the wall...on the floor!

Bring each room alive with greenery

Plants give your home a fresh new life...literally. Pick the greenery that you feel adds happiness to every room and place baby pots on the side tables, or go for mini-trees that stand alone as a mini garden in the corner.

Make your kitchen the heart of the house

The French cuisine speaks for itself. From decadent pastries and cheeses to the Foie Gras and Escargots, not to mention the decadent wines of Bordeaux, it’s fair to say the stomach is an essential part of a Parisian’s life.

So for a true Parisian kitchen, it has to be treated as the main hub of the home where friends and family are likely to congregate, eat, and chat over a glass of wine.

Make your kitchen a lively place with flowers, simple high chairs around a round island or even a plain counter.

Accessorize with a purpose

Everything in a Parisian’s home is a piece of art on its own. Use the essentials as a vessel to add a touch of character to your home. Choose accents like mirrors, globes, and table lamps that act as centerpieces, rather than as essential items that just need to be there.

Play with lights

Your source of lights should ideally be centered around natural lighting in the morning, but be brave to experiment with artificial light sources that turn your home into a sultry, dramatic haven once the sun goes down.

Be free of aimless clutter

While, yes, a Parisian home has an air of chic clutter to it, it can never be actual clutter caused by little attention to detail.

The worst mistake you can make while decorating the French way is to add all sorts of knick-knacks and bits and pieces to your room, only to leave them unattended to collect dust and turn your room into a disheveled mess.

Give your walls some character

Walls are not only there to define the perimeters of the room- take advantage of them! If you’ve opted for natural, subtle colors and designs for your furniture choices, then use wallpaper to add dimensions to the room. Make sure to stick to the first rule- natural colors only- when choosing your wallpaper, though!

You don’t have to be an authentic Parisian to let the French capital inspire your home. With the right attitude, you too, can live the true Parisian way.