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How Can You Find the Best Chain Saw Around?

The chain saw is one of the most powerful tools that you can use. Chainsaws are perfect for situations in which a tree needs to be felled or pruning situations. In many cases, chainsaws are the only tool that can allow for a damaged or felled tree to be moved in a reasonable amount of time. No old school axe is going to get it done. . 

Chainsaws can be electric or powered by gasoline or propane to develop their power. Chainsaws are admittedly dangerous if they are used incorrectly. A chainsaw that doesn’t have enough power can be stuck in a horizontal log that’s being cut. From there, people tend to yank or shift the saw more dangerously. There’s plenty of stories of people cutting into their own foot accidentally. But with safe proper use, everyone with a yard could use a chainsaw. When it comes to choosing a chainsaw, there’s one brand that tends to stand above all others when talking to people. It’s one that’s full of reliability, power and value. However, sometimes the King of chainsaws isn’t as easy to find as you might expect. 

The Story of Stihl

In the early 1990's, many companies found themselves in quite a bit of trouble. Smaller hardware stores were struggling amid the growth of big box giant stores like the Home Depot and Lowe's. However, some small businesses decided to make a switch. Sell one brand strongly, and abandon all of the lesser ones. This is how the Stihl chainsaw brand began.

Stihl is known for being one of the most impressive and sought after brand of chainsaws in the world. Their annual sales are over 1.3 billion dollars and continue to climb. This is in spite of their rejection of big sales options like the big stores for the internet. Stihl is succeeding with their method despite all modern business sense.

Getting a Stihl Chainsaw

Currently in the United States there are over 8500 dealerships that sell Stihl products. These aren’t your typical stores. These were far more common in the 1960’s. They had creaky signs out front blowing in the wind. The rear of the building would likely feature a pile of old grease stained parts. There’s no delivery. Stihl offers information on using their products online, but you need to go purchase their products in the store. Buying in store allows the sales staff to sell with a very old school technique. The sales staff can allow potential customers to see the Stihl difference and actually try out the chainsaw in a controlled environment.

Stihl has been proud of their style and launched many advertisements focusing on their specific type of dealer. Stihl has seen a lot of their competition fall to the wayside while they have thrived. The argument is that their competitors have had to sacrifice quality in order to meet the price requirements of a large store. Meanwhile, Stihl continued to produce the best possible.

So if you’re looking for the perfect chainsaw, check out one of the 8500 dealers across America and get the very best chainsaw possible.