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How Can Lawn Tractors Make Yard Work Easier?

People spend a lot of time working on their lawn and yard. Having a presentable lawn and yard is often a point of pride for many. However, it does seem like the work can add up and represent a huge commitment of time. One of the best ways to save time is to use modern and better equipment. A perfect example of those is the lawn tractor. A powerful piece of machinery, lawn tractors can often cut down on excess work and make things much easier for people. How do you know what to buy though? Keep reading for more information.

Grass Tractor Dimensions

Given that more and more gardeners would like to know whats the most effective product, it stands to reason that leading manufacturers launch effective lawn mowers. The lawn tractor size could be used as a guiding variable when determining mowing specifications. There are lawn mowers particularly developed with sophisticated features meant to cover different garden lawns much easier. As an example: there are yard tractors with a 36 to 42" reducing deck which allows individuals to cut 1 acre grass easily. On the other hand for 2 acre backyards we suggest lawn tractors with a 48" reducing deck. It is essential to know what the deck dimension means for the lawn tractor in question.

Cutting Force

Today's market includes entry-level, mid-grade level and advanced yard tractors. They are outfitted with different settings for boosted comfort. Entry level lawn tractors are ideal for 1 and 1-1/2 acres of yard. Such systems are simple to use and can take care of  various terrains. Mid level lawn mowers usually include cyndrical tube engines which offer sufficient power to reduce thick weeds. The advanced yard tractors come outfitted with smooth hydrostatic transmission technology. This guarantees high adaptability. Each yard has its particularities and therefore the right tractor should be chosen.

Transmission System

Finding the best grass tractor under $1000 is a challenge, provided the vast array of products around. A good design must include an effective transmission system, made to guarantee smooth shifts from one sort of surface to a different one. There are lawns with unequal angles, which the lawn mower needs to fit fast. It seems that the finest rated products include 2 hydrostatic transmission settings. This technical setup permits customers to pleasantly manage their cutting rates. It is essential to manage the lawn's special characteristics without having to worry about destroying the mower's engine. A dependable mower allows individuals to cut their yards without troubles.

The Verdict

A grass tractor needs to be durable enough to reduce any sort of weed. Many companies create a lawn tractor to deal with this very issue. The majority of the product rankings best to worst stress on the importance of the transmission system and the deck size for proper mowing results. The following are several quality lawn tractors:

1. Poulan Pro PB24VA54

If you have a big yard, chances are you don't want to spend the entire day battling to mow it with a press mower. Not just will this take hours, it could be hard on your body. This grass tractor by Poulan is fast, effective and simple to run so you can spend less time mowing, and still keep your backyard cool and trim. Considering that it includes a transmission, it is simple to run, and you will value exactly how swiftly the v-twin engine starts on the initial shot. The 2.5 gallon fuel tanks guarantees you could end up mowing without needing to fill up.


  • The 20 inch back tires will certainly provide you with a lot of stability and grip and the smaller ones make it simple to steer.
  • The 54 inch cutting deck is reinforced for additional stamina and it is also backed by a 10 year supplier's warranty.
  • With front headlights you could cut in the morning or at sundown.


Generally the evaluations are favorable concerning this lawn tractor, though one customer did mention that he desired that it could do with a fuel gauge so he didn't have to stress about running out of gas.

2. Husqvarna YTH24V48

Whether you are attempting to cut one acre or many, this yard tractor by Husqvarna may be just what you should buy to finish the job rapidly and easily. It is made with comfort and performance in mind so you could complete your backyard tasks and return to appreciating your day. The cushioned seat makes sure that you are comfortable, in addition to the supportive armrests and cushioned back. It has the ability to cut a 48 inch path through weeds and high turf and the cutting height can be quickly adjusted as required.


  • This grass tractor has a 24 HP Briggs and Stratton engine that is long lasting and powerful.
  • With the 24 inch reducing deck you can end up cutting big backyards quickly and easily.
  • The hydrostatic transmission guarantees smooth moving without any kind of jerky starts and stops.
  • The blade is very easy to change so you could transform the elevation as needed.


  • Some consumers have mentioned that this lawn mower may not be the most effective selection for hills because the brakes may not have the ability to bring the tractor to a total stop quickly.

3. Poulan Pro 960420186

Best for property owners that have lots of storage room, the Poulan Pro 960420186 is a gas-fueled riding lawn mower that delivers constant cutting power and capability. It's best for lawns measuring 1/2 acre or larger. This design guarantees your riding convenience.


  • The robust 24 engine with Ready Start system makes sure it starts every time.
  • The tractor deals with difficult terrain and overgrowth without stalling on the roughest spots.
  • The large 54-inch strengthened vented deck makes sure there is optimum airflow under the cutting deck so much longer yard is quickly handled every time.
  • The oscillating front axle makes sure the operator is comfortable.
  • The Automatic Hydrostatic Transmission allows the machine to run over a vast array of rates and torques and will not be troubled by alterations of power to the wheels when you alter speeds since high power is transferred with reduced inertia.
  • The 6 placement height options provide several mowing alternatives This alows the grass to be a consistent elevation each time.


  • Because this version is powered by a gas engine, there will be a requirement for routine tune ups and oil changes. Common maintenance needs to be done quite often.