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Hot Wheels Are Incredible Collectibles

If asking someone about what their child might have played with in the late 1960s, they might say Hot Wheels. These cars were infamous for their sporty models and bright orange tracks. It was no surprise that kids were enthralled with the Hot Wheels sensation, even long after their teenage years. So much, in fact, that these toys have become incredibly valuable. Hot Wheels are now their own assortment of collectible cars. But where did exactly did this toy get its first start?

It was just over 50 years ago when the first Hot Wheel hit the shelf in 1968. According to Automobile Magazine, Mattel presented the “Sweet 16” at the International Toy Fair. An interesting fact is that each of these cars was based on an actual customized automobile of the time. With their hot rod designs, these cars quickly became a craze among younger audiences. But how much are they worth after such a long period of time has passed?

Hot Wheels Price Guide

One might not think that these cars surmount to much in terms of worth, but they can be sold for a pretty penny. Depending on the model of the Hot Wheels toy, the prices can vary in price. In fact, some of the more rare cars can range from $2,500 to $150,000. There are a number of factors that go into how much a Hot Wheels model will cost. According to the Hot Wheels Collectors News, each of these cars are assigned a worth based on the criteria listed below.

  • Year: As one would expect, the year that the toy was sold originally can either add or subtract value. The earliest models collected have been dated to 1973.
  • Alpha: This refers to the series of the time. These included character car assortments such as the Color Racers of 1988, the Super California Customs in 1991 and the 1995 Treasure Hunts.
  • Other: There are a number of different factors that determine the worth of a collectible Hot Wheels car. These include the color, accessories, promos, and patterns designed to make these models uniquely eye-catching.

For a complete and thorough guide about the current pricing for each car, one can either purchase the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Price Guide, or reference the North Carolina Hot Wheels Association.

Buying Collectible Hot Wheels

For anyone looking to complete their collection of “vintage” Hot Wheels, there are a number of resources. One such way that someone goes about looking for a collectible Hot Wheel is through Ebay. This isn’t a surefire way of going about doing this as offers sometimes aren’t the best. It takes a close eye and lots of patience to get a good deal on a valuable Hot Wheel.

Another factor to consider when looking for collectible Hot Wheels is that they are still being sold, thus continuing the line of valuable cars. A legitimate way to obtain these cars in a fair transaction is through the online Mattel store. Lastly, one should first look in their own closets for Hot Wheels collectibles. There have been a number of models found in old boxes from his or her childhood that have proven to be worth a lot of money.

Selling Collectible Hot Wheels

In order to make a profit off of one’s collectible items, there must be a sale. For those willing to part with their childhood hot rods, there are a number of options for going about giving a collector with considerable cash.

  • Collector’s Site: Listing one’s Hot Wheel collectibles on a forum, such as Hobby Database, can be beneficial for gaining profit.
  • Amazon and Ebay: With the proper research, it is possible to sell Hot Wheel cars off of these websites.
  • Antique Auctions: With the right amount of vintage and collectible value, a Hot Wheels car can be sold for a good amount at auctions. One such example is at a site called Live Auctioneers where Hot Wheels are listed frequently.

Hot Wheels collectibles hold a lot of memories for a lot of people growing up in the late 1960s. With such popularity, it is no surprise that they became collectibles. Other than the profit that can be gained off of these hot rods, Hot Wheels are fun to collect for a variety of reasons. They have a lot of charm, character, and history, being designed in a number of different styles and models.