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Hot Tubs and Saunas Aren't Luxury Items

Hot tubs and saunas are becoming more popular as fixtures in today's homes. They are often thought of as luxury items, but in addition to relaxation, they provide a number of health benefits from increased blood flow to muscular healing.

Hot tubs and saunas offer different experiences, and they also have different maintenance requirements. Is one better than the other? It depends on the experience a person is looking for, as well as the amount of time and work they are willing to put into it. Other considerations include whether you have a well-ventilated space for a hot tub or sauna? Do you live in a temperate climate? The cost of a hot tub or sauna is always the most important thing.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are more versatile than saunas; they can be selected to match the owner's decor. They can be linked to music or a television monitor for entertainment while relaxing in the bubbling water. Spa jets can help to massage trouble spots on the body. Heat therapy can help reduce pain, improve circulation, and it can even help alleviate rheumatoid arthritis pain. Hot tubs are a great place to enjoy some romantic together time, or even family bonding time.

Hot tubs require electricity, but not plumbing--they can be filled with the garden hose. They require a little maintenance, which consists of weekly water tests, changing the filter, and replacing the water in the tub.


Saunas provide an entirely different experience than hot tubs. Saunas are typically hotter than hot tubs for a more intense experience, so they might not be appropriate for small children.

There are many different sauna experiences; there are wood-burning saunas (this is the original Finnish version) and infrared saunas--even steam saunas. The purpose of a sauna is to cause sweating, which flushes toxins and improves circulation.

It is recommended to sit on a towel while sitting in the sauna to help reduce the amount of sweat and dead cells that end up on the bench. They should be regularly wiped down and scrubbed periodically to keep them clean.

Hot Tub Swim Spas

A hot tub swim spa is a machine that allows its user to swim against a continuous water current without having to turn around and swim in the other direction. They take up less space than a swimming pool, while providing an opportunity to get in a low-impact workout. And while they cost more than a regular hot tub, they cost less than a swimming pool. Being able to relax in the warm water is just an added benefit to the hot tub swim spa.

There are different models available: molded acrylic or fiberglass composite shells that install into a deck; self-contained portable spas; component/modular units; and self-contained "fast-lane" swim jets, which can be retrofitted into existing swimming pools.

Tips for Buying a Hot Tub

The following tips should be considered when shopping for a hot tub:

  • Choose a dealer that is trustworthy and will provide the best service without trying to sell the most expensive unit
  • Ask local friends, family, and neighbors who they purchased their hot tub from, and ask for their hot tub recommendations
  • Beware of "add-ons" when purchasing your hot tub, such as delivery, leveling, and water care products
  • Be sure to purchase a cover that fits your hot tub well
  • Consider purchasing steps to help with climbing into the tub safely
  • Consider the number of seats needed in the hot tub--how many people will use it at one time?
  • Check the dimensions and make sure the hot tub will fit in its designated place; also, be sure to have a platform to set it on
  • Try it out (at least sit in it to see how it feels) before purchasing
  • Check the specifications for wattage, heater, and any other things that might need to be considered before making a purchase