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Host The Perfect Housewarming Party With These 3 Simple Tips

Having all eyes on your new home does not have to be intimidating! If you’re not accustomed to playing hostess, then hosting your very own housewarming party, dinner gathering, or anything in between could feel like a nerve-wracking feat. The trick to having the most enchanting gathering is not a magical, expensive, over-the-top secret that will leave you drained both mentally and financially. All it takes to be the perfect hostess is one thing and one thing only: create the right atmosphere. How? Read on to find out our simple tips and tricks to having a smooth, enjoyable gathering as smooth as that fancy wine you bought for the occasion! 

1- Create the ‘Path to Pampering’ 

Everything from the door to the seating area, whether it’s alfresco or in your newly furnished living room, should facilitate a smooth transition from greetings to mingling. This is done by making everything your guests would need to do visibly available to them. Do coats need hanging? The coat hanger is conveniently in their direct line of vision. Did they get a housewarming present and don’t know what to do with it? Set a designated corner or a table for accepting presents and setting them down. Once all the pleasantries are exchanged, slowly guide them during chit-chat towards the main area of gathering. Voila! Transition complete. 

2- Don’t go overboard with drinks

If you want everything to have a memorable touch, then the trick is to not serve up too many kinds of alcohol. If your friends’ main goal was to mix drinks and get drunk, they could have gone to a bar! Instead, keep it classy with a selection of red, white, and rose wine, along with one delicious signature cocktail. Keep a backup of beer stocked as well, just in case some of your guests don’t want to try out your Sangria and are not fans of wine. Keep the drinks flowing, but do not make them the centerpiece of your gathering. That space should be left for the good meal and the great company!

3- Let your guests know what to expect

One of the main reasons guests could end up feeling awkward and out of place is not knowing what kind of vibe the gathering would entail and ending up dressing inappropriately for the event. Before you begin inviting your guests over, make sure you have a clear plan of what kind of atmosphere you want to create during your gathering. Is it a sophisticated do? Is it a cozy get-together with drinks and appetizers? Is it a full-on dinner party?

Whatever you decide to do will also help you decide everything from the music to the food and drink selection to the way you arrange your living room or dining room. It will also help your guests dress the part, and set a mental image of what it will be like when they get there, which will make them feel at ease as soon as they walk in the door.

Most importantly, try to relax and have fun, too!