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Home Remodeling Hype: Can Upping Your Curb Appeal Increase Your House Value?

As we all know, first impressions count - and before you even get a chance to dazzle prospective buyers with your taste in home decor, or to wow them with your upmarket, lifestyle-friendly kitchen extension and gleaming bathrooms - yep, before you even get them inside, they’ll have formed some early ideas about their value of your home from its outside appearance. 

When it comes home remodeling to increase curb appeal, don’t underestimate the value of ‘boring’ updates. Because of its ongoing impact on costs, energy efficiency is a big concern for buyers - so new windows and roofs will not only smarten up your exterior, they’ll also tick boxes relating to insulation and draft exclusion. Well-maintained gardens and paving are the housing market’s equivalent of an ironed shirt and polished shoes at a job interview: they just make it a lot more likely that you’ll get what you want!

Replacing your old windows with new, energy-efficient vinyl ones will cost in the region of $15,000 but you’ll see a decent return on investment (ROI), with this remodeling project adding around $11,200 to your resale value. Just don’t forget to keep them clean and sparkling for that first impressions factor, too - and check if your windows are certified by Energy Star, as you may qualify for a tax credit if so. 

Updating your entry door to new steel or fiberglass model can net around a 80-90% ROI, not only sprucing up your exterior but also answering those big buyer concerns about insulation and security. The same goes for a new garage door, with cost and resale value both around the $1500 mark. 

Siding, also known as cladding, can transform the look of your home from the outside, as well as protecting it from the elements and thus upping that all-important insulation factor! Vinyl siding may not look as fancy as, say stone, and won’t net you as much when it comes to selling (around 76% compared with 89%) - but it is durable, long-lasting and, at around $11.50 per square foot, comparatively inexpensive to buy and instal. 

A deck or patio not only looks great, it also paints a lifestyle picture - think alfresco grilling and weekend brunches - and buying a lifestyle is often as much a factor in house buying as actual bricks and mortar. A wood deck will cost just under $10,000 but you’re likely to see all of that back in resale value; the same goes for a patio, at a lower price of around $6500. 

Homeowners with green thumbs will be happy to know that having a good-looking garden amps up your curb appeal enormously. Something as simple as a well-maintained, weed-free lawn is something that many realtors recommend - it costs about $300 to perform a standard lawn care project on 5,000 feet of lawn, but the return on that is estimated at about $1000! Add some hardy shrubs and consider replacing an old, worn out path with attractive flagstone to up the ante even further.