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Home Gym Heroes: Brands to Trust When Building Your Home Gym

Creating a home gym that will test and challenge you is all about making the right choices. You need to know about the best brands to buy and that the equipment really works. But with so many brands out there and the dizzying array of equipment on offer, how do you know which to trust?

There are many circumstances when the old adage, “you get what you pay for” is applicable. Creating a home gym is one of them. Cheap, poorly constructed equipment rarely holds out against the work that you’ll do with it. For longevity of product and guarantee of a great workout, you need to know about brands that are respected. Luckily enough, giving you a few suggestions is what this article is going to do. The following three home gym brands are renowned names in the gym business and offer excellent value for money, without sacrificing quality. 


Bowflex is a major name in the home gym industry. Now with over 30 years in the industry, the company has won a host of awards. Its innovative approach to home gyms has led them to become an industry leader. One standout example of this brand’s quality, and a piece of kit that should decorate any home gym, is the Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Weight Bench.

It’s a versatile bench that offers an incredible 30-year warranty and allows users the space to perform a myriad of fundamental exercises, including the bench press, pullovers, rows, and bicep curls. And that’s without mentioning all the leg exercises available! This bench is ideal for beginners to advanced trainers and brings the quality of commercial equipment right into your home. 


Founded in 1985, GetRxd is a premium equipment retailer that focuses on offering a home gym apparatus to develop functional strength. Their winning mix of superior quality and affordability has pushed them to the forefront of the home gym business. One of their top products is the Pro Power Cage, which offers gym users who want to lift heavy, a safe and practical space in which to do so. The Pro Power Cage is ideal for some leg-shredding, back-building barbell squats. With bumper plate pegs and two safety spotters, GetRxd’s cage priority is keeping you safe.

The squat – one of the “big three” compound exercises – is the best way to promote strength gains throughout the body. But remember: poor form will lead to injury. Always perfect your form with a trainer before squatting heavy at home.


A relatively new name to this booming industry, TRX has taken the home gym world by storm. The beauty of the brand lies in its simplicity. The TRX Suspension Training bands are easily adjustable to door frames, support pillars, or fittings, and offer an incredible array of functional bodyweight exercises. 

These bands aren’t here to help you bulk major muscle. Instead, their benefits are seen throughout the body with particular focus on improving core strength. Though TRX Suspension Training is ideal for beginners, professional athletes also use the program to help their conditioning. That the bands force users to make use of their own bodyweight promotes a total body workout and helps to fend off injuries.