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Having Trouble Picking a Boat to Buy? There are Many Fun Options Out There

Are you thinking about owning a boat? The process of buying a boat is quite simple if you follow the right procedures. The first step is to decide if you want to buy either a new or a used boat. Your budget will factor this in. Next, decide the type of boat you want to purchase based on your needs and purpose. It is crucial to ensure the boat you are purchasing is legally certified. This is an assurance that your boat meets all the U.S. Coast Guard standards. A certified boat means a high-quality and safe boat for you and your passengers. Based on your budget, decide on when and where you are going to buy your boat. You can buy from the boat shows, private sellers, boat dealers, or directly from the manufacturer. Boats are expensive, and therefore, you must be careful not to overpay by referring to the boat's value and pricing. Before closing the deal, make sure you take your boat for a 'test run.' It is advisable to have a trusted boat savvy accompany you during the sea trial. Lastly, register you are bought to make claim ownership.

1 - Pontoon Boats

Also known as tube boats, they are used for small water bodies and inland waters. They are ideal for cruising and fishing. They have a flattish shape and rely on tubes to keep afloat on water. Pontoon boats have a shallow draft and have a length of 15-30ft. For stability, this type of boat has several aluminum tubes that support the broad platform. Due to their shape, designers can plan the seating arrangements per requirements sufficiently. 

2 - Deck Boats

They have an open deck area, which gives enough seating arrangements for few passengers. Compared to pontoon boats, deck boats can accommodate more passengers. Deck boats have a wide beam and a V-shape hull. They measure 25-35 ft. in length and have a strong power drive. They are popularly used for recreational activities like water sports and swimming. The deck boat is ideal for small water bodies, but caution must be taken in smaller springs and rivers where you can easily hit a rock. The deck boats cannot be used on rough waters and are not spacious enough to move around.

3 - Bowriders

These boats have space for more than eight passengers on the cockpit, helm, and bow cockpit. The uniquely constructed bow area of these boats gives room for the seating arrangement to be spacious. The sturdy V-shaped bottom offers a beautiful ride across the different water conditions. The vessels are versatile and possess a swim platform for swimming or for putting on wakeboards. They are suitable for riding on inland water and lakes. Depending on the style and size of the boat, bowriders are powered by different types of engines.

4 - Cuddy Cabins Boats

They are the best for fishing, sailing, water sports, and yachting. It is designed to be used for families. The boat has a closed deck hence allowing storage space. The boats are spacious enough to allow easy movement. Manufacturers of these boats use aluminum and fiberglass. They have a length of more than 4.75 meters. Most cuddy cabin boats combine agility and versatility to give riders thrill on water. They are powered by either the outboard propulsion or stern drive.

5 - Houseboats

Also called Float house, these come in different shapes and sizes. They give passengers the experience of living on the water. Houseboats provide luxurious holiday accommodation and recreational facilities. The boats are equipped with the latest amenities such as fine dining, entertainment, and spacious sleeping arrangements. Houseboats are perfect for water sports, family sailing, and relaxed cruising. Most of them are motorized but cannot operate under their power as they are stationary most of the time.

6 - Banana Boats or Water sleds

They have a banana shape and are inflatable. There are many models. They do not possess an inbuilt motor system and must be towed by a motorboat. They are strictly used for family entertainment and recreational activities. The boat has a capacity of 3-10 people. Riders sit on a large tube supported by two smaller tubes, which serve as footrests and give the boat balance. The boats must have accessories like helmets and life jackets. Since it has special air pressure to inflate it, it must be sold with an air pump. Most banana boats are made of PVC material.