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Hanger Life Hacks

You probably didn’t realize that those cheap hangers you buy, yes, the horrible ones that leave marks on your clothes, had more uses than just hanging your clothes and making them wrinkly. Before you decide to give up on the cheap plastic hangers and switch to those expensive wooden ones, you might want to know what can be done with them. You’ll be surprised, we promise! Here’s what you can do with the things you thought were a nuisance: 

Hang a load of shirts all at once

Image Credit: YouTube

Here’s how it’s done. Slide your arm through one of your T-shirts (you can slide on as many as your arm can handle). Then grab your hanger and slip your T-shirt on. No time was wasted!

Slide-Free Hanger

Image Credit: YouTube

Why go out of your way to pay for an expensive hanger that won’t let your clothes slide off when you have a cheap hanger and a glue gun? That’s it; you don’t have to. All you need to do is put a few dots of hot glue on your hanger, let it dry. And there you have it, no more sliding! 

Chip Bag Clip

Image Credit: YouTube

As much as we all love Ikea and the awesome things they have (chip bag clips), sometimes you’re just too lazy to go there and fall into the buy everything trap. Here’s what you need to do, get some chips, eat half the bag, grab an old clip hanger, then break off the clip and seal your half eaten bag of chips. Well, you don’t have to do it right now, but give it a shot next time you’re craving chips! 

Paper Towel Dispenser

Image Credit: YouTube

So, the weather is good, and you’ve decided it’s perfect for the ultimate BBQ. But, there’s a little bit of wind, and your paper towels keep flying everywhere. What do you do? Grab one of your cheap hangers, break it in the middle, slide your paper towel roll on the hanger, and finally hang it on the side of your BBQ. Problem solved! 

Organize Your Closet

Image Credit: YouTube

Do you have a small closet and are you finding it difficult to hang things? Well, start saving your soda can tabs! Here’s what you’ll need them for: Put them over the hanging part of your hanger, and then have fun having several hangers on one. Easy organization tool, right? 

Note Holder

Image Credit: YouTube

We all understand the pain of trying to read something from a book on a table and typing at the same time. Get your clipper hanger, clip one end onto your screen, and on the other end clip your book. How easy was that? 

Mark Free Hanger

Image Credit: YouTube

How annoying is it to have marks all over your clothes, and not because you haven’t put them away but, because you did actually bother to put them away! You’ll need a plastic hanger, tape, and a pool noodle. Cut your pool noodle, place it on your hanger, then tape it in place. And there you have it, mark free hanging!

Cook Book Holder

Image Credit: YouTube

There’s something about cooking and using a cookbook for your recipe, it feels, natural! But, the last thing you want is food stains all over that pristine looking book. Get your clipper hanger, clip your cookbook and then hang it on one of the cupboards. Cooking from a cookbook has never been so easy.