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Hacks to Save Money on Gas and Electricity

Everyone wants to live in a comfortable home. When the utility bills show up, it might have you wondering what it would be like to live without some of those modern conveniences you’ve come to depend on. Instead of giving up, check out these tips for cutting back on energy expenses.

Keep a Consistent Temperature at Home

It can be tempting to turn the AC off or even up when you leave the house, but when you get home, the AC has to work even harder to get your home to the ideal temperature. Instead of going back and forth, consider choosing a consistent temperature and sticking with it. This could result in some serious savings. If you are having a tough time setting this up, consider purchasing a programmable thermostat to help you maintain a consistent temperature.

Turn Things Off

It sounds simple, but many people don’t actually think about how much this could be saving them. When you leave the house or before you go to bed, do a sweep of the house. Check to make sure that the lights and TVs are off. Make sure that nothing is running that you don’t need. Using less energy is a simple way to cut back on the expense. Unfortunately, people often overlook the obvious. If you’ve got kids in the house, make this a chore that gets done every time you leave and every time they head to bed. They can quickly make a pass through the space and turn off things that aren’t necessary.

Fill Up Your Appliances

How full is your fridge? How full is your washer before it starts running? Make sure that your appliances are full. A fridge that is well-stocked is easier to keep cool that one that has very few contents. It’s better to do one larger load of laundry a day than one or two smaller ones. You should also make sure that the dishwasher is full before you run it through the cleaning cycle. This can take some getting used to, especially if you are in the habit of starting the dishwasher once a day regardless of its contents. Cutting back in these areas can make a real difference when the time comes to pay the utility bills.

Buy Energy-Efficient Products

Today, lots of energy-efficient products are available to homeowners. From the light bulbs that you use to the appliances that you purchase, you have an opportunity to save when you buy items that are specifically marked with the Energy Star icon. You probably aren’t going to see as much savings with an energy-efficient light bulb as you might with a larger appliance, but over time, all of your savings add up to make a real difference in your gas and electric bills. If you need to buy new light bulbs or even new appliances, it makes sense to take a closer look at energy-efficient options.