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Grand Interior Design: 21 Extraordinary Home Creations

When interior design meets bold creativity, the result is an extraordinary living space. From free flowing spaces facilitated by sleek glass-balustrade mezzanine levels to suspended fireplaces, explore these 21 extraordinary home creations for ultimate interior design inspiration.

21. The delicate, natural hue of maple wood blends into the warm underlying magenta tones within the stone polished concrete in this intricate modern barn living space. Striking geometric shapes are enhanced through a high ceiling, large interior windows, and lighting which draws the eye upwards. The bold, black fireplace denotes the heart of the space.

20. Low seating contrasts hanging lampshades and a vivid, suspended, oval fireplace, enhancing the spacious feel of this ambient lounge. Likewise, a wooden floor consisting of rich, earthy tones opposes the stark white of the ceiling, whilst the unimpeded, full-length windows illuminate the space with a sheer natural light.


19. A timber haven that encapsulates the serenity of nature, a heavy use of fresh-coloured knotty pine creates an organic yet contemporary space. A floor to ceiling window spanning across the entirety of one wall teamed with a rectangular skylight permits a continuation of panelled, raw wood into green woodland.


18. Stepped coving detail on the ceiling leads the eye towards a majestic, dripping central chandelier, with the platinum, ivory and white-gold tones denoting an ethereal vibe in this hallway. A spiralling glass chandelier, minimalistic design and symmetrical features add harmony to the elegant sweeping staircase.

17. Vivid contemporary forms and clear shapes contrast organic, soft tones within spacious, high wooden beams. A low border of red brick intensifies the height of the ceiling as it contrasts long, sleek white walls. Spotlights exaggerate the curve of a semi-cylindrical staircase, and use of uplighting enhances bold geometric shapes within the room.


16. A glistening, super-sized, beaded chandelier elegantly crowns this open plan and double-tiered space. A ternion of striking floor to ceiling windows enhances the contemporary appeal of the living space, whilst allowing unlimited natural light to flood into the room.

15. Soft, flowing contours and curved shapes contrast clean cut stairs and vivid block colours in this living space: spotlights add a crisp finish to the look, whilst a barely-there glass railing permits a striking silhouette of stairs against an industrial-style concrete wall.


14. This living space is an architectural feat: a floating, rich, wood-framed master bedroom featuring a striking interior window overlooks a sleek white wall and dining table. Mahogany contasts ivory and natural light from abundant windows and skylights casts an airy feel into the space.


13. Dark wood rafters contrast the sheer white which dominates this church conversion. Multiple windows allow natural light to ricochet around pearly tones, whilst spotlights emphasise a striking block overhang and cylindrical staircase. Likewise, uplighting highlights the curve of the ceiling whilst drawing the eye up to accentuate its height.

12. Accents of traditional-turned-rustic charm complements a vastly contemporary feel: expansive interior and exterior ceiling to floor windows, bold light shades and hues of black, grey and white are interspersed by a classic-style desk, maple wood piano, and chandelier adorned with shapes and tones of leaves, gem-like berries, and candles.


11. Rich mahogany wood outlines a grand spiral staircase, with a colourful chandelier crowning this grandeur. Variations in tones of stone, beige and ivory keep the eyes moving around the space, whilst an abundance of natural light floods through door-less rooms, reflecting off a glossy floor to enhance the spacious appeal.


10. Serene and celestial, this garden room emanates spaciousness: a white ceiling and furniture reflect the light cast by vast windows and skylights, whilst the black borders draw the eye into the garden as if it were a continuation of the room.


9. Utilising bold block mirrors to create symmetry and reflect light, this living space appears dramatically larger than it really is. A vivid bead chandelier accentuates the height of the room, whilst a soft palette of lavender and white serves to continue the illusion of grand space.

8. This converted mezzanine barn features uninhibited, open space delineated by rugged wooden beams and rafters which adorn ceiling and walls alike. A broad double glass door inside of the repurposed barn doors allow natural light to cascade into the room, and tones of cream and stone keep the broad space airy.


7. Epitomising Scandanavian style, this barn conversion utilises natural light to the maximum with a number of floor to ceiling windows and skylights teamed with sleek white walls. A natural tiled floor and step enhances the organic feel of the space, whilst a stack of freshly cut logs, sleek fireplace, hide rug and fax-fur throw emanate a wintry, Nordic feel.

6. An absence of walls within this renovated barn permits a flowing, open space. An intricate stone wall of warm colours defines the rustic tone of the space, whilst muted tones throughout the rest of the interior maximise the spacious feel.

5. The stark diagonal contrast between dark and light defines this space: sheer white ceiling, beams and walls meet a charcoal floor and deep black staircase. The relationship between this contrast is facilitated by eye catching geometric shapes which move at different levels.

4. Tones of slate, charcoal and blue contrast chic white and the glow of both spotlights and natural light in this renovated barn. A floating, oak-tread staircase and mezzanine level featuring toughened glass balustrade enhance the open-plan appeal of this space.

3. With an open plan which spans over three levels, minimalistic glass balustrades combine with rugged wooden beams to create a rustic-turned-modern space. Effective use of natural and man-made lighting ensures that the vast renovated barn feels ambient and welcoming.

2. Sleek and minimal, this space integrates both the ground floor and first floor through a glass balustrade and huge floor to ceiling windows. The overhang is kept unobtrusive in white, whilst a smooth charcoal tile floor and rich mahogany wall featuring cut-out staircase both add definition to the space.

1. Featuring an array of interesting geometric shapes and forms which entice the eye to move upwards and around the space, this interior is defined by rich hues of nature: glossy conker, slate grey, deep charcoal and warm shades of wood set an organic, rugged vibe which is enhanced by woodland surroundings. The clean lines defined by geometric shapes keep the space sharp and highly contemporary, and the extended raised hearth forms the centrepiece of the room, accentuated by black frames within the floor to ceiling windows.