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Glasses and Contact Lenses Both Have Arguments For Use

A person’s vision is paramount. However, not everyone has perfect vision. Vision issues can come from birth, or they can develop later as a result of natural deterioration of the eyes or serious damage. In order to get closer to perfect vision, people used to have to choose eyeglasses. However, when contact lenses were created, suddenly there was another option. 

Deciding between contact lenses and eyeglasses is a decision that is more personal than many people may realize. Some people enjoy their appearance in one or the other. Some people may have a profession which makes one a better choice. The good news is that both will assist with what’s really important: better vision! 

Benefits of Contact Lenses

It seems that more people choose contact lenses than ever before. There’s plenty of benefits to choosing contacts. It should also be noted that there are some disadvantages to choosing contact lenses as well. Some of the benefits include:

  • Proper Curvature - Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses will mesh to the curvature of an eye. This provides as much field of vision as is possible. There’s also less distortion or areas of vision blocked by regular eyeglasses. 
  • Better With Movement - People who are exercising or playing sports often can’t use regular eyeglasses. Contact lenses remain in place better. 
  • Weather Control - Contact lenses don’t fog like glasses do in cold weather or rain. 
  • Appearance Alteration - Many people like the way they look without glasses. In addition, colored contact lenses can change eye color for people who are curious how they may look in different colors. 
  • Comfort - Eyeglasses can often feel uncomfortable on the nose or behind the ears and lead to headaches. This is rare for contact lenses. 

Benefits of Eyeglasses

There are also many different benefits to choosing eyeglasses as well. Certainly they aren’t the same as the benefits of contact lenses, but they fit for different people. Some of the benefits of eyeglasses include: 

  • Good for Sensitive Eyes - People who can suffer from dry eyes may find that eyeglasses are better. Sometimes contacts can make dry or sensitive eyes suffer more. 
  • Less Touching - Touching a person’s eyes always carries a small chance of causing an infection or irritation. There’s no need to touch the eye with eyeglasses. 
  • Protection - Eyeglasses can actually help with dust and debris that’s being blown on the wind. 
  • Fashion - While many people prefer the look of no glasses, others use frames to make their own style and show off their personality. 
  • Price - While there’s a higher cost up front, eyeglasses don’t need to be replaced as often. Just don’t break them. Oftentimes the frames can be kept if lenses need to be changed. 

Making a Decision

While the benefits of each type of eyewear are important and factor into making a decision, there’s also some disadvantages that can make a decision important. For example, people who work at a computer daily may find an increased level of eye strain and eyeglasses are a better choice. 

Personal confidence also matters. Many people don’t like their appearance in eyeglasses. They feel more confident wearing contacts and can find that their social lives take off with the increased confidence they feel. 

In the end, many people may choose both options and wear the appropriate option for each scenario. This is far easier now that daily disposable contact lenses were created. Many people may choose eyeglasses for most day to day activities, then use some disposable contacts when the full eyeglasses would be a negative.

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