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Genius Ideas To Organize Your Kids Rooms

No one ever warns you about the mess your kids can make in your home. You’ve probably stepped on lego (yeah, we know, it kills!), tripped over some toy (been there too, not fun!), and even hit your toes on a block or two (hurts like hitting your funny bone!). 

No matter what you do your home always seems to look like a hurricane or two have passed through and you’re starting to feel frustration with your kids, and we know, it makes you feel guilty because well, kids are kids and messy. 

Struggle no more because we’re here to tell you that it is possible to get your home tidy permanently, even with the munchkins, with these clever ideas. 

Color Coordination

Image Credit: YouTube

This is very useful if you’re working with your kids on colors recognition, too. You can make or buy a forward facing bookcase. Color arrange the books on the shelf. Your kid will want to put their books away, and you won’t have to have the battle over clean up time. Oh, and it looks like cool decor. 

Bookcase Seating

Image Credit: YouTube

Give your child somewhere to sit and play all while having to stay organized. You can buy or reuse your old bookcases for this. Lay your bookcase on its side, and then you can either make proper seating (with MDF, fabric, and cushion) or, you can get small pillows and lay them on the top side of your bookcase. The final step, get some baskets, put your little one’s toys in the baskets and on the shelf they go. You’ll be a happy parent and have a happy child. 


Image Credit: YouTube

If you’re working with your child on independence and reading, this is brilliant. Label your child’s closet, so they don’t end up throwing all their clothes on the floor, leaving you a mess to clean. 

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Boogie Man Under The Bed

Image Credit: YouTube

Well, no, it’s storage. But, this will work miracles if your child thought there was something under their bed. You can either buy or make under the bed crates with wheels. Your little one can easily pull out their toys and push them back under the bed when it’s tidy up time. 

Put Dress Up On Display

Image Credit: YouTube

All children love to pretend and dress up, instead of putting all the dress up clothes in storage bins (you’re asking for a mess when your little one is looking for the outfit s/he wants) put them on display. Because of how easy it is for them to find what they want they’ll tidy up to keep it easy.


Image Credit: YouTube

Pegboards aren’t just handy for tools and crafts but, they’re handy for kids too. Hang up a pegboard and get some caddies, you can store nappies and toiletries. As your baby gets bigger, you can store different things in the caddies; for example, toys that you feel your toddler can choke on. It'll make you feel more comfortable knowing your little one can't reach a toy you think is hazardous. 

Revamp The Closet

Image Credit: YouTube

If you aren’t in need for the closet space, why not do it up? Every kid in the world loves little places they can hide in. Turn the closet into a storage and reading area for your little one to hide away in. 

DIY Play Table

Image Credit: YouTube

If you’ve got an old table laying around the house, and you’re sick of stepping on lego, turn the table into a lego play table. Get some storage boxes and put them underneath the table. 

Multipurpose Seating

Image Credit: YouTube

So you have a table and chairs for your kids, and there is always a mess. You can make or buy multi purpose pieces. Your little one will want to keep things in their place because they get to sit on their toys and books. Remember when you used to sit on your blocks just cause you could? Wasn’t very comfortable, but this is. 


Image Credit: YouTube

Make your kid’s room look special by putting wooden crates on the wall; you can bring them to life by painting them or wallpapering them. You can store accessories, toys, books, and so much more. 

Who said having a tidy home was impossible? It turns out they need to be interested in clean up time. Easy enough!