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Garden Tools Everyone Needs

You've decided you want to go out and grow something. This is a great idea, but without the proper tools, you could be setting yourself up to fail. Take the time to gather up everything you need before you head outside and start digging. With the right tools, you can prevent injury, increase efficiency and even get more enjoyment out of your garden.


Whether you are planting a large plot of vegetables or a couple of flowers in pots, gloves are a must. During your time in the dirt, you’re going to come into contact with everything from splinters to thorns, all of which could force you to take a break from the garden. Gloves protect your hands and ensure you have a great time outdoors.


There is a good chance you are going to be digging a lot of holes. You’re going to want to create a place to put your seeds or even plants that have already started to grow. Make sure that you have a strong shovel that isn’t going to bend or warp when you place it into the ground and attempt to move. The handle needs to be comfortable because you are going to be spending a lot of time with this tool.


There are lots of hoes available to gardeners who are looking to bring up weeds and mix up the soil. However, the type of garden that you want to have will determine how wide or thick your hoe should be. This is one of those tools that will really make you appreciate the fact that you’ve got on garden gloves! Look for a handle that will make it more comfortable to use.


You’ll notice that some gardens tend to be a magnet for debris. As the leaves fall, you need something to pick them up and move them out. If you do a thorough weeding of an area, you want to be able to gather everything up all at one time to make cleanup easier. A rake really comes in handy, allowing you to keep your garden space clean.