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Furnishing Mistakes Everyone Makes at Least Once

Ideally, everyone wants to decorate and furnish their home beautifully. It needs to be comfortable. It needs to be functional. It needs to be stylish! However, it’s easier said than done managing to furnish a home beautifully. It’s rather easy to slip up and create something you didn’t intend to. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Just be aware that sometimes mistakes happen. 

Mistakes in home decorating happen to everyone, whether they are immediately obvious or not. Don’t feel bad, just fix the mistakes as you notice them and move on. When it comes to furnishing, these mistakes have happened to more people than not. If you haven’t made them already, use these tips to avoid making the mistakes that most people make.

Buying Furniture That is Too Large or Too Small

Whether you neglected to measure at all or you just measured incorrectly, many homeowners purchase furniture and have it delivered to their homes only to realize that the piece is way too large or way too small for the space they have available. Avoid this mistake by measuring multiple times. If you’re shopping online, then you can get the measurements for products ahead of time and pre-plan. You can even lay out the furniture on the floor space with tape to ensure it will fit nicely.

Going Over the Budget

You see a piece of furniture you love and you just have to have it, right? Every homeowner buys furniture at some point or another that is above and beyond the budget they had in mind. Whether they cut things out of their budget elsewhere or finance the furniture, buying something beyond your means is likely a mistake. It’s really a matter of willpower. If you want to add budget to one aspect of your furnishings, you just need to be willing to cut back elsewhere. 

Dysfunctional Arrangements

If you are moving to a new house and you take your old furniture with you, chances are things won’t fit like they did before. Instead of buying all new items, you just make it work as best you can. That leads to the mistake of an arrangement that just doesn’t work in the space. You might have couches overlapping windows and blocking the view or chairs too close to doors.

Clashing Pieces

When you buy a new chair to go with your existing couch or some other piece to go into a room, at some point you will probably buy an item that doesn’t work once it’s in the room. If you think you can match colors without seeing them together, think again and avoid this mistake. One way is to simply bring some great pictures of your room with you to the store. From there you can compare colors the entire time and not make any mistakes. 

Keeping Things Too Long

If your couch is falling apart, but you’ve had it for ages, you may not want to get rid of it. Furnishings can grow sentimental just like so many other things in a home. Keeping it for too long is a mistake since it doesn’t help the style of your room and can even get to a point where it is no longer functional and serving its purpose in the space. There’s two options. The first is to get some new styles and the new looks. The second option can be just as fun and that’s restoring the item. New paint or finish on wood items can give them a second life. New upholstery on couches or chairs can make them seem brand new.