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Free Calling Allows People to Stay in Touch

For people who live abroad, there can be no greater app on a phone than one which gives free calls. Not only do they help people navigate around foreign countries before they get their phone plan set up, but they allow you to keep in contact with my friends and family as they traipse around. It’s possible to video chat with them anywhere in the world—well, anywhere a person can find WiFi or a hotspot.

There are several phoning apps on the market, some designed for the phone and others interfacing better with the computer. While most of them can be used interchangeably, there are services which are simply more convenient to use on your phone.

Free Phoning Services

  • Google Voice - Google voice is an application which allows you to make and receive free WiFi calls from a real phone number. All you need to do is set it up while you still have an homeland service plan. You can then register for a phone number in any region within that country. Then you can take your original number off your Google Voice registration and recieve or make calls from your brand new free number. The only drawback to using this app in another country is if you are in a closed country like China. You will need a VPN in order to use your Google Voice number in that case. But you can still receive messages.
  • WhatsApp - WhatsApp is ideal for making calls between the UK, European countries and the United States. While WhatsApp is not limited to country restrictions, this is merely where it is used the most. It has a messaging function and also allows for video calls.
  • WeChat - WeChat is your Chinese lifeline. If you are traveling in China, even just passing through, downloading WeChat will get you through everything. Not only can you use WeChat to call anyone else with the app anywhere in the world, but you can use it as your wallet, your travel booking and for all of your food service needs. WeChat calling only works for other people who have WeChat, but it is not restricted to download in other countries. Simply tell your friends and family to download it and add you, and ta-da, free calling or video chatting home from China.

Free Computer Calling Services

Skype is probably the most famous computer video chatting software. Skype is incredible for keeping in touch across the world as there are no country restrictions on it. However, Skype requires powerful internet service and is often spotty when calling from Asian countries to American countries. This is because American countries have slower servers than most Asian countries, so the picture and quality easily become distorted. However, Skype’s videoless calling works very well. You can also create a small tab on your app to make calls to actual phone numbers which is great for trying to get ahold of customer service while abroad.

Zoom is similar to Skype in that it is a cross the world video chatting platform. However, Zoom is more popular for business calling transactions because it allows for annotations, presentations and advanced file sharing across the world.

Countries That People Want to Call:

There are several countries that people want to call from but struggle to find means to do so. Asian countries like China and India are two of the most common. If you want to call India from China, using Skype or WeChat is your best bet. However, if you want to call India and do not have WeChat, WhatsApp is your most universal option. You can use it to call from any country to almost any country in the world. You simply need a steady WiFi connection and you’re in business.

There are several free phoning apps available based on your particular needs. If you are looking to call to a closed country like China, getting WeChat is the best way to go. However, if you want something more universal, Whatsapp is an excellent choice. Since all of the above apps are free, you could potentially download them all and have a universal hub for keeping in touch with everyone you love.