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Four KitchenAid Ranges to Help You Cook Like a Pro

Does your range top support your creative culinary adventures? As a master of the kitchen, you need an assistant who can efficiently broil, simmer and bake away in the background. So, if it’s time to do away with the conventional oven taking up space in your kitchen, explore these innovative KitchenAid ranges that get the job done while you do what you do best: cook. 

Slide In Ranges

This pro-style, sleek slide-in range is perfect for delivering a 5 course meal or baking your favorite pastime dessert. The versatile gas/electric rangetop provides dedicated burners for boiling water, stir-frying, or simmering, effortlessly keeping you organized while you cook dinner. It’s added steam racks and exclusive baking drawer leaves you feeling like this range does it all… because it does. Finished cooking? Simply start the Aqualift Self-Cleaning process. Your job here is done. 

Want to add a stylish touch to your family’s gathering space? Take to this range tops polished frame and cast iron grates for an incredibly professional look to your newly remodeled kitchen. 

Credit: kitchenAid.com

Freestanding Ranges

The KitchenAid Freestanding range delivers restaurant-style power right to your compact kitchen. These commercial grade dual-fuel ovens are styled like a slide-in for a flawless, built-in look with added power. The 4-burner cooktop easily adjusts from low to high heat to assist any cooking technique you set out to master; assisted by a sizeable convection oven that perfects even the most challenging endeavors like broiling a steak. All in record time!

Become the Iron Chef of your kitchen today with this exceptional range and master any culinary task that comes to your plate. 

Double Oven Ranges

The KitchenAid Double Oven Range was ranked “Best Dual-Fuel Range” by Consumersearch.com for performance and value. This freestanding range fires up five burners - four circular and one enter oval - that range up to 17,000 BTU. It also features twin convection ovens for swift flexibility when multi-tasking around the kitchen during mealtime. 

The twin ovens are independently controlled, meaning you can cook a roast in one while baking in the other - all while keeping cooking odors within the individual oven walls. Want to fix up a hearty breakfast? Take advantage of these rangetops griddle for bacon, eggs, French toast, or whatever you fancy in a morning meal. Experience the “Best Dual-Fuel Range” today by welcoming this versatile rangetop to your culinary kingdom. 

Credit: kitchenaid.com

Commercial Style Ranges

KitchenAids Commercial Style Ranges make a statement in any remodeled kitchen. These 6-burner, temperature-ranging stovetops conquer every task from melting and simmering to boiling and stir-frying. Ideal when cooking a roast for an entire army or your next family party!

The bow-tie designed convection oven and fan evenly distributes heat for rapid reheats or large scale baking projects. While this larger rangetop may make you short on space, the performance falls short to none when mealtime calls for a hefty family supper.  

Don't forget - home cooks are professional chefs too; cook like one everyday by purchasing a KitchenAid Commercial Style Range!