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10 Fall Trends Taking Over Every Home In 2017

Just as fall invites a wardrobe change, the season of foliage and all things pumpkin-spiced also beckons a change in your home. This fall, we're seeing a Victorian come back, natural accents and cozy alcoves that will turn your home into a relaxing retreat.

Evergreen Hues

While the leaves may be changing color outside, green is all around our interiors this fall. Take nature inside this fall with dark green kitchen cabinets or green leather and wood accents around your home.

Concrete Jungle

The marble trend is out and concrete walls and surfaces are certainly in this fall. The stripped-down look gives your home a cozy look that still packs an edgy punch.

Gold Accents

Instead of gold light fixtures and cupboard handles, opt for vibrant brass accents incorporated into your furniture itself, like the bottom of this sofa. You could also opt for a brass or gold centerpiece to really make the room pop!

Tech-Free Corners

With the rise of our attachment to everything from our phones to our laptops and tablets, it's no wonder this trend is garnering so much worldwide popularity. This fall is the season for intimacy without interruption with relaxing device-free corners. This could be in the bedroom, or even a carved out corner with a comfortable hammock, an armchair and a bookshelf loaded with your favorite reads.


Victorian chic is in, and with it comes the most elegant of fabrics: velvet. Go for a velvet two-seater to add elegance to your living room, or double up the trends with a dark green velvet armchair.

Woven & Wicker

Remember that wicker chair your grandmother had in her living room? Well, Nana's style is on point in 2017, with woven textures in tables, hanging baskets, and small furniture pieces around the room making a huge comeback this fall.

Faux Quilt

The cozy quilt or throw is back. It's replacing the chunky bed covers and duvets this fall. Faux fur quilts bring a sense of warmth and earthiness to the room, which is just the right vibe for fall 2017.

Black Is Back

It's finally time to bid the Scandinavian all-white interior goodbye because black is back with a bang! Black surfaces in your kitchen bring a sense of grandeur to the room, while an all black wall in your living room will add a Victorian air to your home.


As minimalism walks itself out the door, we welcome everything colorful, patterned, and fun in this season! You could go as small as patterned cushions on your living room couch, to as big as a patterned wallpaper. Some may even consider a rug with patterns that compliment your furniture.

Mix N Match

One thing that's definitely out this season is generic furniture sets. Instead of buying a couch, an arm chair, and a settee from the same beige collection, play around with colors and textures to bring a new dimension to your home.