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Does Your Washing Machine Stink? Here's How To Get Rid of The Smell

As contradictory as it may sound, washing machines do get dirty, too. This is despite being the appliance we use to get our clothes clean! That's because with any damp environment comes the risk of unwanted guests like mold, mildew, and bacteria. As soon as the inside of your washing machine begins to smell, you will find your laundry smelling a little funky as well. No one wants that! Here are a few simple tips that will help you get rid of any smells, and make your washing machine as sparkling as new! 

1- Air it out 

Between every load, keep the door of your washing machine open to let air in and allow any remaining water to dry out naturally. This is especially essential if yours is a front loading washer, as the way they are constructed makes them more likely to develop mold and smell unpleasantly. 

2- Ease up on the soap 

Using too much soap for your washing machine's capacity leads to it eventually building up into the nooks of your machine's interior. This makes it a much more hospitable environment for bacteria to live in, as the build-up retains its moisture. If you're worried your excessive use of detergent is the reason for that weird smell, then a good rule of thumb is to use half the usual amount you use or switch to a high-efficiency laundry soap instead. 

3- Switch to vinegar for softer clothes

Using liquid fabric softener increases the risk of product build up inside your washer even more than using too much detergent does! Did you know that vinegar works just as well as a fabric softener, and simultaneously helps keep your machine sterilized with every wash? It may be time to do the switch.

4- Check beyond the washing machine

The issue with your smelly laundry could be your water heater's fault and not your washing machine's. If you can smell a stink coming from the direction of all your indoor water supply, then there's a good chance your hot water temperature is set to less than 140 degrees. Running water at less than 140 F runs the risk of allowing sulfuric and iron bacteria to make a home out of your water pipes. If this is the case, then cleaning and flushing out your water tank and pipes is the way to go. Don't forget to increase the standing water temperature to 140 F to avoid the risk of the same issue occurring in the future.

5- Clean out the trap 

Make sure to regularly clean your machine's lint trap, as it may be harboring some product build-up that's allowing bacteria to live inside your washer.