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Do they make vinyl planks that look like wood flooring?

The demand for vinyl floor covering that looks like timber is as plentiful as the supply itself. There are a lot more shades, styles, top qualities and applications compared to ever before. In various other words, there has never ever been a better time to think about for vinyl floor covering that appears like wood.

Over the last twenty years a divide has grown in between timber and vinyl flooring. The schism was fueled by substantial developments in photographic, vinyl manufacturing, and printing technology. While wood flooring has actually progressed for many years, plastic flooring that resembles timber has actually advanced all the extra.

These days plastic flooring that appears like timber is not only varied, it has actually matched or even went beyond real timber in terms of design, sturdiness, value and functionality. In reality, identifying the difference between real timber and costs plastic flooring is alongside impossible.

Sheet vinyl is not the only wood-look alternative on the marketplace. It is being outweighed by the toughness and style of ceramic tiles and planks. With the development of plastic tiles and slabs (especially deluxe plastic ceramic tile) plastic not simply replicates the photo of wood-- it duplicates the form and feel of genuine wood planks with patternless precision.

An obvious pattern usually found in wood-look sheet vinyl is the negative effects of old modern technology. Since sheet vinyl comes in huge six-foot-wide rolls, its picture is usually made up of one huge photo. And while this may not prove a concern for smaller areas, huge industrial areas (a suitable application for vinyl floor covering) will plainly call out sheet plastic's stereotypical tell. With a majority of photos utilized over a greater number of tiny items, plank and ceramic tile floor covering eliminates the appearance of repeat patterns. While some slabs or tiles could have the very same photograph, they could be conveniently combined right into the diversity of images. On top of that, the increased thickness of slabs and ceramic tiles (3mm vs. 2mm believe sheet) better hides subflooring irregularities.

The highest possible top quality vinyl, nevertheless, takes the form of ceramic tiles and slabs. Not only do these types better replicate the form of wood flooring, the personalized manufacturing process enables for a larger selection of photographs within timber look types.

The high qualities of plastic flooring that resembles timber do not stop at visuals. Many thanks to advanced printing technology, plastic floor covering looks currently feel like hard wood. Distinctive planks and ceramic tiles, also upon close examination, could trick the eye and hand. Practical wood grain texture is currently a rather typical high quality in vinyl's clear wear layer.

The majority of would believe plastic floor covering that appears like wood is excellent enough as is. However as discussed earlier, plastic controls the flooring industry in more compared to just visual appeal. Plastic exceeds natural wood in its layout and type schedule, multi-faceted applications, cost and total value.


Because plastic's appearance relies just on a photographic layer, it can duplicate any varieties of timber. Exotic and other kinds of pricey types consequently disappear costly compared to typical, residential kinds.

Due to the convenience of mounting plastic slabs and tiles, works could be finished promptly, easily, and in any kind of wanted setup. No extra setup fees-- just some imagination and a well-drawn layout.


Unlike wood floor covering, plastic is optimal for high-moisture and business setups. Without a wear layer, timber floor covering calls for consistent, extensive upkeep and costly repair works and is as a result not matched for industrial application.

Vinyl flooring requires little to no maintenance and is quickly repaired.


Timber: $8--$ 25 each square foot

Deluxe Vinyl Tile: $2--$ 5 each square foot

Anyone searching for vinyl floor covering that appears like timber will, after a little examination, be pleasantly shocked. With a greater durability, reduced maintenance, the capability to perform in industrial settings, and style and personalization opportunities even more possible than wood, vinyl is the noticeable selection. The value of such a sensible flooring remedy is noticeable and indisputable.