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DIY Projects | Never Try To Make These Home Improvements Alone

You’ve noticed that something’s broken, or you’re just bored of how things are looking. You get straight online and start watching a bunch of YouTube videos, reading articles and even scrolling through Pinterest so you can fix it up or renovate it yourself. But, here’s the thing, there is a reason we call experts when things break or need to be brought back to life. Their name says it all: “EXPERTS!”. They know what they’re doing and they know what to avoid. As a beginner, you really don’t know what could go wrong. Don’t ever try to DIY these projects because it could either end up in a mess, or you’ll need to break the bank to get it sorted. 

Custom Jobs

Are you thinking of getting your bathroom redone? You probably think it’s financially more feasible to buy the tools and materials you need and just get it done yourself. But here’s the thing, you don’t have the experience a pro has. No one ever gets their first job done right which is why they shadow experts before they start. You don’t know which pipes are where, and you could end up with a leak somewhere that will need a major reno a few months later. Keep in mind that you can’t just focus on how pretty it looks when it’s all done. There’s major work that goes on behind the walls. 

Kitchen Cabinets

We’ve mentioned before that contractors don’t like messing with your old kitchen cabinets because bringing them back to life could cost a lot more than investing in new ones. But, maybe you don’t want to get them all done up, you just want a color change. In this case, it is probably doable, but you should still talk to a professional first. Even if you find out that it can be done, you most likely won’t know how to strip back the paint without destroying the wood. Why? Because your kitchen is used for cooking and cooking means grease and oil everywhere. It’s very likely that your cabinets have a layer of grease laying on top of the paint, even if you are a clean freak and can’t see it. 

Install A Dishwasher

Back in the good old days, you either got free installation with everything you bought, or you could find someone that was willing to help you out for a coffee. Most of the items you buy now are sold and then you have to pay extra for the installation service. Our advice is: pay for the service to get the job done. Why? Most dishwashers now come with parts that move and if you don’t put them together, you could end up flooding your kitchen. Even if you don’t face this problem, you might have to drill through cupboards or extend pipe. A professional will know exactly how to get the job done quickly and with very little mess. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you opt for the service instead of attempting to do it alone. 

Sink Pipes That Are Malfunctioning

You probably tried using a plunger to get the problem sorted. When that didn’t work, you bought chemicals that promised they could fix the problem, but still, the water isn’t going down the drain as it should be. Don’t be tempted to pull out your old faithful wrench to take apart the pipes to figure out where it’s all gone wrong. Dismantling and putting the pipes back together can be extremely tricky and complicated. You do run the risk of adding more problems to your existing one. 

Low Water Pressure

Is your bucket taking forever to fill up or your shower head is malfunctioning? You probably thought that taking apart the faucet and cleaning it would solve the issue, but it hasn’t. Before you reach for that wrench again and attempt a do it yourself moment, you have to know that if you have weak water pressure, there could be something else that’s broken. A plumber will figure it out and get the job done much faster. Plus, a plumber will know how to turn off all the water outlets so your bathroom doesn’t get flooded. 

Fixing Your Roof

You know you’ve got a leak somewhere on your roof, but having a bucket placed under the leak isn’t a permanent solution. You need it fixed at the source. You’ve checked, googled, watched a few videos and you think you can fix it. But, you don’t know if that is where the problem ends. There could be more. So, rather than fixing it and finding you have another leak somewhere else a month later, get the right help to get it fixed right away. You’ll save yourself money and time. 

Breaking Down Walls 

Are you feeling a little cramped and wish you could break down a wall or two to make your space just a little bigger? Okay, if you’re feeling cramped you have more than one option before you head to the “Bring Down The Wall” option. A lighter shade of paint, moving your furniture to optimize space, or even getting new furniture. But, if you’re still convinced you want to knock down a wall, then you really need to consult a professional first. Your house is supported by foundations and bearing walls or bearing beams. If you don’t know what wall you're hammering into, you could end up having the room cave in. Meaning a much costlier fix. 


Back to the idea of you don’t know what’s behind the walls, or what is supporting what. You might have thought that if you take it apart you can get someone to put it back together and the job will cost you less. The fact is, you could break more than you expected to, meaning a much heftier bill. It’s easy to get bored of your home and want to change it. Things don’t break often, but if they do, you should never try to fix things or renovate things if you’ve never done it before. Professionals exist to make life easier, and for things to run a lot more smoothly.