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DIY Inspired: 7 Easy Home Creations

Whether you've got a free weekend for a home improvement refresh or are in the process of decorating your new home, ignite your DIY inspiration with our seven easy home creations.

1. Paper Art

If you find that - like us - you have some empty frames lying around with nothing to fill them, put these to good use with a lick of white paint and some innovation. Pick up some wallpaper or wrapping paper featuring abstract prints or interesting illustrations. Cut some to fit the dimensions of your frames; cut others slightly smaller, and back these ones with white paper to create a border. To create a unique collage, select a variety of complementing different colours - don't be afraid to experiment to discover what works best!colours - don't be afraid to experiment to discover what works best!

2. Ladders Reinvented

Use the rickety old pair of ladders which have been gathering dust in your garage to create a repurposed storage and display unit. Hanging them horizontally from the kitchen ceiling, use S-hooks onto which you can attach cumbersome pots and pans; this frees up your existing kitchen storage space. Try hanging herb plants, such as basil and thyme, in baskets for an organic vibe; these provide easy access during cooking, too!

3. Paint Swirl

If you have some elegantly shaped clear glass jars or bottles lying around, these can be put to good use. Mix a drop of warm water with some ivory or cream paint and pour it into the glass jars or bottles: avoid sheer white paint as this will be too vivid. Swirl the mixture lightly so that it clings to the base and lower edges of the glass. Once dry, take some white carnations or roses, remove the leaves from the stems, and place one in each glass container. Display your creations in a bundle on a coffee table or spread them along a shelf: mix up the heights of the jars and bottles for an eye-catching finish.

4. Stationary Rethought

Instead of throwing out your children's old stationary which has been gathering dust for years, upcycle it! Take a wooden ruler and, using nails and a hammer, securely attach it to a wall in your garage or gardening area. Screw hooks at intervals along the ruler and hey presto - a unique hanging device for all of your small garden tools!

5. Crate Creation

Feeling creative? Set about creating your own striking crate wall by collection a variety of wooden crates: you can get these from stores which sell fruit and vegetables. Once you have a collection in a variety of different shapes and sizes, build a crate collage against your chosen wall: ensure there are no gaps between each crate, and secure them together using small nails. This feature wall provides built-in storage; to finish, add a lick of paint or simply leave the wood natural for a rustic vibe.

6. Branch Out

For a natural chic addition to any room, create sapling art. Buy - or take from your own garden - a small tree with a thin trunk and branches: ensure that it is stripped of leaves and insects. Allow the wood to completely dry out by storing it is a dry place, such as your airing cupboard, for several weeks. Once dry, paint the sapling ivory and stand it in a deep, sturdy vase. Complete the look by hanging golden ornaments, such as bell, onto the branches!

7. Mirror By Day, Centre Piece By Night 

To instantly enhance the prominence of a feature mirror on an evening time, drape fairy lights around the edges. This will create a delicate glow which draws the eye towards the mirror! For an ethereal vibe, go for bulbs which emit a white light; for a relaxing, cosy feel, choose those which emit a warm golden light. To really enhance the look, wrap multiple sets of fairy lights around the mirror to build up a multi-layered glow!

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