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7 DIY Home Organization Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

Keeping your home clean and all tidied up is a task that never reaches a finish line! Especially with kids around, it can get really messy really quickly. Luckily, these easy, affordable, incredibly useful hacks will make tidying up your home (and keeping it that way) an absolute breathe! 

1. Use a soda can tab to give your hangers double space

Just hook one opening through the main hanger, and use the other hole to hang the other hanger through. You’ll save space on your hanger rod in your closet without compromising storage space!

2. Use laundry hanger clips to store your earphones

Use wooden or plastic hanger clips to neatly wrap your earphones to save yourself the time and effort of suffering from unwanted tangles!

3. Never use mismatched pillow covers and sheets again!

Instead of storing them separately then going into panic mode when you can’t find the matching set of pillowcases and bed sheet, use your pillow case as a pocket to store the rest of the set. Now whenever you need to change your bed sheets, you’ll be all set!

4. Use hot glue to create non-slip hangers

Ever tried hanging up a silk shirt, only to find it crumpled at the bottom of your closet seconds later? Use a hot glue gun, or even a tube of UHU glue to draw squiggly patterns on either side of your plastic hanger. The clothes will find something to hold on to, and you’ll never have to reach to the bottom of your closet for your favorite shirt again! 

5. Use binder clips to organize your cables

This one is so simple, yet so useful! Simply hinge the clips onto the edge of your desk and hook the different charger and internet connection cables through the metal hooks. There you have it, your very own cable organizer! 

6. Use hooks to organize your bags

Rather than waste shelf space, or have the kids leave their bags in a corner on the floor, use clothes hooks to hang your bags up. This saves space, keeps your bags neat and tidy, and makes them more accessible!

7. Use shower rings to hang tank tops

Image Credit - Pinterest

This hack is the ultimate space saver, looks pretty and makes losing tank tops and undershirts a thing of the past. All you have to do is get a pack of shower curtain rings from the dollar store or Walmart and hang them on the bar of a plastic hanger. Now, simply hook your tank tops through each ring, and Voila! Never lose a tank top ever again!