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DIY Blanket Ladder

Organizing your home can be a stressful task with books, blankets and pillows lying around. You’ve thought of laying your blankets on the end of your couch or over the back, but it just looks messy and is covering the beauty of your very comfortable sofa. What do you do to fix this disorganized mess? Get a blanket ladder! You could always buy one, but you’ll end up paying around $200 just to have a little organization in the main room of your house. So, why not make one for $5 to $10 instead?

You probably think that maybe it’ll be wiser just to go ahead and pay the $200 because it’ll take you ages to make one from scratch. Well, get ready to have the shock of your life, it’ll only take you an hour to make this cool and funky ladder.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  1. (2) 18-inch long 2x2’s
  2. (4) 5-foot long 2x2’s
  3. (8) 2.5-inch screws
  4. Sand Paper
  5. Drill 
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Stain 
  8. Paint brush or an old rag (for staining)
  9. Felt pads (optional)

Ready to get down to business and make this super easy ladder? 

Step 1

Image Credit: YouTube

Get your sand paper and sand down all your wood until you’re happy and then wipe it clean. We found it easier to stain the wood now rather than later, but it’s up to you. 

Step 2

Image Credit: YouTube

Mark your 5-foot legs at the 18 inches, 30 inches, 42 inches, and 54 inches.

Step 3

Image Credit: YouTube

We're still working on the 5-foot legs, so drill pilot holes on your marks. 

Step 4

Image Credit: YouTube

Find the center of your 18 inch 2x2’s and drill a pilot hole. 

Step 5

Image Credit: YouTube

Partially drill in the 2.5-inch screws into the 5-foot legs, just until the screw sticks out the other side. 

Step 6 

Image Credit: YouTube

Line everything up and screw everything together. If you didn’t stain your wood earlier, you could do it now. If you want to protect your walls from the stain, stick some felt pads on the back of your legs at the top. 

And there you have it; your blanket ladder is complete! Doesn’t it just look absolutely stunning?