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Designing and Installing a Home Bar? Consider These Ideas

Going out to a bar with friends can be a fun way to hang out, but it is also expensive and can be dangerous if you don't have a ride home. Many people have decided to combat these issues by installing a bar in their home. A study by Mintel done in 2018 showed that more than 25% of millennials preferred to stay home and drink rather than go out. This number only rises as people get older. If you or your friends also prefer to stay home, then a home bar may be right for you.

There are many different things to consider when designing and installing your home bar. You should first decide where you are going to put the bar. Most people choose their dining room or furnished basement, but you can put it anywhere in your home that is convenient as long as you have enough room. Once you have an idea of where you want the bar to go, make sure you measure the area so you know how much room you have for your bar. To find the right bar setup for you, consider these 5 ideas.

1 - Bar back lighting

There is something really elegant about having a lit bar back. Not only will it make your alcohol easier to see, but it can make your bar more cozy. Most public bars have opted for bar lighting to show off their vast collection of different brands of alcohol, and it can do the same for you. Bar back lighting can also help you see through bottles more clearly. This can help you spot any bottles that will need to be replaced soon or even any bugs that may have found their way into your bottles.

2 - Comfortable seating

There are so many unique designs for bar stools, but one important factor to consider is comfort. Whether you want to enjoy a drink with your family or you are hosting friends, you want your bar to be a comfortable place that people can to hang out without being uncomfortable. You should always make sure the stools are padded, and for added comfort, consider a stool with a backrest. As long as the stools are comfortable, you can choose any color of design that you prefer.

3 - Plumbing

If you want a bar with a sink, then you need to consider how the plumbing is set up in your house. This may make you adjust where your bar is placed. Having a sink will make upkeep a lot easier because you can wash glasses right there instead of taking them to your kitchen to be cleaned. Keep in mind that the size of your sink should depend on the size of your bar. You always want to leave yourself counter space to dry dishes, mix drinks or even for storage.

4 - Make it your own

The most fun part about a home bar is that you get to choose how it is decorated. Whether you want a dartboard or a customized bar sign, it is important to set aside some money to be able to decorate your bar. This is not a vital step, but it can make people more likely to want to hang out in your bar. If you want to entertain friends in your home bar, then consider adding a dart board, pool table or shuffle board. These fun elements can make your home bar unique.

5 - Draft systems

It is possible to have a draft system in your home bar. This has been made easier with the creation of the kegerator. This is a small refrigerator containing kegs that you can fill with your favorite beer. They can be installed freestanding or under the bar counter. Draft systems provide fresh, cold beer and are certain to be favored by any draft beer fan. Make sure to research upkeep for your keg, because they can easily get damaged or dirty without proper care.

These are just some of the many ideas to make your home bar unique and fun. Remember you'll want to spend a lot of time here, so don't be afraid to spend some extra money on aspects of the bar you'll really enjoy.