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Decorating Ideas for a Mobile Home

Decorating a mobile home may seem like a daunting task. Below we will share some mobile home features that make home decorating a challenge, and how to overcome these.

Most mobile homes share several features that help give them a old fashioned look. Breaking free from this appearance and giving the home your own special touch means working of several features in the home.

Ceiling Heights

The ceiling height in a mobile home can vary from 6½-feet to approximately 7-feet depending on if it’s a hallway/foyer or a living area. These heights are suitable for moving around comfortably, but they do pose a problem for taller furniture items. These bigger items may also give the appearance the room is much smaller.

Here are a couple of decorating tips that will help make the walls seem taller and your ceilings taller:

  • Painting part of the ceiling the same color as the wall
  • Cooler paint tones draw away from the eye making the ceilings and walls appear taller
  • Longer, lower pieces of furniture draw the eye across a room instead of up

Narrow Rooms

Mobile homes are not a standard size, but many have rooms that are longer than they are wide. Combine this with the narrow hallway, and the area can appear very cramped. These few tricks can help balance the rooms:

  • Using a warm accent color on a shorter wall while using a cooler color on the other three will help balance the room
  • Installing flooring on a diagonal will help draw the eye to the corners taking away the unbalanced appearance
  • Matching length of furniture to the walls they are on will help downplay the differences

Generic Kitchens and Bathrooms

The same layouts for kitchens and bathrooms appear in a majority of mobile homes. This is mainly to due with the limited space so a design that is best suited for the space is used. This is makes it very hard to put your own personal touches on the room compared to another.

By making these few switches and cosmetic updates can drastically change the appearance:

  • Remove the upper cabinets and paint the wall behind the doors with a repeating pattern. This will really open the room and give the appearance of a bigger space
  • Use a faux-stone paint on the countertops and add multiple layers of a very glossy urethane.
  • Install a subway tile backsplash, with a few decorate tiles

Very Small Windows

Smaller windows in a mobile home are common. By covering a complete wall with curtains will help hide the size of the window and will help make the ceiling look taller.

Always Room For a Personal Touch

No matter the shape or size of your home, there are always ways to give it your own personal touch. These tips are just a starting point and by mixing and matching them will help differentiate you from your neighbors.