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Dealing With Joint Pain? Try These Methods At Home

Joint pain can be rather devastating. Whether it’s caused by arthritis, or one of the many other joint related conditions, being unable to have full range of motion can cause a lot of conflicts for daily life. Simple activities like washing dishes or vacuuming the floor can become painful and tedious experiences. However, people don’t need to give in to joint pain. There are many exercises and treatments which can be performed in the home to try and help alleviate joint pain. Not all of these are treatment, but many are simple lifestyle changes that you can make at home. If you are one of the people who suffers from chronic joint pain, try some of these at home methods to feel less pain. 

1 - Increase At Home Exercise

Movement and exercise are one of the most important aspects of stiff joints. By being able to keep moving, the joints will remain more flexible than living a sedentary life. However, exercises which put stress and weight upon the joints can actually be damaging. Ideally, exercise should be as low impact as possible. Stretching, Yoga, or a home elliptical can be a great option. 

2 - Temperature Therapy

People have been using both hot and cold treatments on injuries for a long time. Using heat and cold can be a great way to keep joints from stiffening up and being painful and not moving correctly. Heat therapy is the best in the morning. Joints tend to get stiff overnight when people are asleep with minimal movement. An item like an electric blanket or some hot water bottles can relax some of the stiffness in the body.  Alternatively, cold treatments like ice packs or gels are perfect if joints become swollen or excessively painful. They can quickly reduce it and make things feel more comfortable. 

3 - Changing Diet for Weight Loss

Weight makes a lot of difference when it comes to joints. The more weight a person is carrying, the more stress that is put on their joints. This is especially true for the knees, feet and ankles. Losing weight reduces stress. Changing a diet should still meet all nutritional needs, but simply cutting out processed sugars can make a big difference in terms of weight loss. Check with your doctor for healthy diets that would fit your lifestyle and assist in reducing to a healthy weight. 

4 - Try Some Anti-Inflammatory Cooking

There are many dishes and food which contain some anti-inflammatory properties. Using turmeric in your cooking has been well known to assist in keeping inflammation to a minimum. It contains a natural ingredient which reduces inflammation. There are other foods like olive oil, kale, walnuts, blueberries, cherries and tuna which also help to fight inflammation. In turn, this helps the joints!

5 - Increase Fatty Acid Intake

Cooking with fatty acids can assist in joint pain. Fatty acids like omega-3 are advertised strongly because they are so good for the body. Fish oils like cod liver oil are known to contain large amounts of fatty acids. There’s a downside to spoonfuls of fish oil though. They taste like every horror story every written combined together and condensed. Cooking with seafood can provide an alternative. Mackerel, salmon and oysters can provide a large amount of healthy fatty acids. There’s also high volumes in flaxseeds, chia seeds and soybeans if you don’t enjoy seafood. 

6 - Get a Massage

Rather than going out for a massage, many registered massage therapists will travel from appointment to appointment. The premium price for this is surprisingly small. Set up a relaxing part of your home, free from clutter, and when the masseuse arrives with their table, let them set up. A massage can help relax muscles and reduce inflammation. It also helps reduce stress, which may not be linked to joint paint, but certainly isn’t helpful.

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