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7 Creative Ideas For a Spare Room Makeover

Have your kids grown up too soon, leaving you with an empty nest and an unused room full of memories? Rather than feeling sad about the family's youngest setting off on their own adventures, you should feel happy about having that spare room in which you can let your true interior designer colors run free! 

If you're looking for inspiration beyond the classic idea of turning it into a guest room, you've come to the right place. These ideas will have you boxing up those trophies and setting up your dream room in no time! 

1. Cocktail Bar 

Take your spare room from clutter closet to the trendy spot to have your friends over for a few drinks with this clever idea! It's incredible what a bar cart, a high table, and matching high chairs can do to a home. A mini fridge concealed behind a chic wooden closet door would be ideal for keeping ice, lemons and mixers at the ready, too! 

2. Meditation Space 

Whether you're a practicing Yogi, or just need a private space to unwind and clear your mind, having a meditation room is very 'in' nowadays- and for good reason! Set up a table for your Himalayan salt lamp and scented candles. Opt for a neutral rug and floor cushions instead of chairs or a sofa to reinforce the feeling of connection to Mother Earth.

3. Game Room 

Your spare room could now be your games room, pool table area, or even your kids' (or husband's) gaming station. Set up the pool table, along with a mini fridge so the players could have their refreshment at the ready. Alternatively, a couple of gaming lazy-boys and a flat screen tv, coupled with a shelf to store all the video games and gaming consoles could make the gamers of the house entertained for hours! 

4. Home Gym

If your fitness and physique are on the top of your priority, transforming the spare room into a private workout haven is perfect for you. Clear out any clutter and invest in the machines you know you would want to use most, some weights and a bench to work every muscle in your body to chiseled perfection. If you've got the time and the funding, change your floor to a wooden surface, as they tolerate the weight of exercise machines the best!

5. Walk-In Closet

Instead of leaving both your spare room and your closet space in a state of constant clutter, why not hit two birds with one stone and declutter your closet by transforming your spare room into a deluxe closet space for all the extra clothes and shoes? Install mirrors that reveal every angle of your outfit. Set up an island for all the accessories and shoes. Turn the closet space into an open rack like those found in clothing stores!

6. Home Theatre

This may sound like an expensive idea, but all you really need for a home theatre is a high-quality projector (which would cost you much less than a mid-range tv!), a screen or a plain white wall and comfortable seating! An L-shaped sofa would work best, but opting for beanbags instead could give the room a unique character. 

7- Wine "Cellar"

Well, technically it wouldn't really be a cellar in the original sense of the word, but you get the idea. Make sure to set the climate of the room at just the right temperature for wine storage. It should be somewhere between 50-59F. Turn the closet space into polished wooden racks to store your grape collection. Pair it with a classy polished table, dimmed lights and a leather sofa to really set the relaxation mode of drinking a glass of wine and unwinding after a long day.