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Create: 11 Easy & Inexpensive DIY Halloween Decorations

All Hallows' Eve: a night of screams, goosebumps, and chattering teeth. Whether you are entertaining guests at an eerie soiree, planning a children's Halloween party, or are simply wanting to get your family into the spooky spirit of the evening as trick-or-treaters arrive, we bring you 11 simple, fun DIY decorations to get your home dread-ready without the cost!

1. Miniature Ghosts

Cover lollipops with tissues, tie around the base, stick on two goggly eyes, and hang from the stems of a plant to create miniature flying ghosts. If you're feeling extra creative, create a spook-themed plant pot to match using bat-print tissue paper or fabric teamed with some PVA glue.

2. Screaming Balloons

Take some vibrant, pumpkin-orange balloons, use a black marker pen to draw on 'evil eyes' and a ghoulish mouth, then fill with helium so that they float. Place these around windows, doors and on tables using orange ribbon and small weighted objects to anchor them down.

3. Dastardly Doormat

Revamp an old doormat using white acrylic paint to create vampire fangs, red acrylic paint for the blood, and a black marker pen to add the spooky message of your choosing.

4. Spider Nests

After stretching them, stuff the base of thin white stockings with fluffed-up cotton wool mixed with small plastic spiders. Stick more spiders on the outer stocking, then hang the stockings from the ceiling to complete the spider nest look. Dangle a few stray spiders around the room to really enhance the effect.

5. A Floating Illusion

Using adhesive ceiling hooks, some witch hats made of a thin material, LED lights or glow sticks, and transparent string, create the magical illusion of floating, glow-in-the-dark witch hats.

6. Bloody Hand Prints

Create a sense of horror with reusable DIY bloody hand prints. Layer fake blood over PVA glue and, once set, stick the results over smooth, washable surfaces including mirrors, windows and linoleum.windows and linoleum.

7. A Colony of Bats 

Create a colony of bats to terrorize your home using black card and blue tack to attach the bats to walls, doors and windows. Ideally place them underneath a light to enhance the shadows they cast. Try using red sequins for the bats' eyes for a glinting finish.

8. Spider Webs

Cut a series of curved lines, joined by a central line, into a folded black plastic bin bag to create bold spider webs. Hang these across windows and lights to create an eerie silhouette.

9. Magic In A Jar 

For a mysterious, eerie glow that can be placed indoors or outside, carefully empty the contents of a green or orange glow stick into a jar, mix with water and glitter, replace the lid onto the jar and shake well.

10. A Rotten Head

Place a cheap Halloween mask featuring an ugly, wrinkled face into a jar, fill with water and replace the lid: the water will distort and magnify the mask, making it look like a decapitated head.

11. A Floating Specter

Drape white cheesecloth over a small balloon. Wrap some soft, bendy wire around the base of the balloon (i.e. where you have tied it), and shape it upwards and outwards to create the shape of the ghost. Complete with black felt for the eyes, and hang where desired.

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