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Compact Refrigerators Can Be a Handy Item in a Home

Adding a compact refrigerator to your television room, your bar area or your office can be a wonderful way to make life a little more convenient. These refrigerators can run the gamut from a personal refrigerator, big enough for a twelve pack of soda and some sandwiches, to a unit big enough to fit under a desktop or counter in your office. You can also find compact refrigerators that will switch to warming foods when needed. All are fairly portable and many come in designer colors and retro styles to suit your decorating needs. These powerful little appliances offer some great convenience to those who own them. However, there’s many on the market. It can be tough to choose between all of the compact refrigerators out there. 

Best Uses for a Compact Fridge

For those who work from home, the ability to grab a bottle of water or a healthy snack from a compact refrigerator will reduce the need to break concentration and travel out into the rest of your home. This convenience can be especially helpful if your family is also studying from home, or if you have preschool aged children at home.

A compact refrigerator can also be the place to store adult beverages and family snacks in your movie and television watching area. Instead of having to rearrange the large refrigerator in the kitchen so you can make room for food around juice, beer, soda and water, you will have a designated spot for beverages in the room where you need them most often.

If you have children who may be getting curious about adult beverages, you can find compact refrigerators with a lock. This extra security can give you peace of mind and reduce their chance of making a poor choice. Your purchase of a locking compact refrigerator will take that choice away and keep curious and exploring little minds much safer.

Finally, a compact refrigerator can turn your bar area into a full service set up. Many compact refrigerators offer a freezer, shelf space and door storage. You can keep beer cold, chill glasses, and make ice for your guests in your bar area without having to travel back and forth to the kitchen.

Best Compact Refrigerators

Your compact refrigerator choice will be based on

  • Your available space
  • The decor of the room
  • Your chilling vs. heating needs
  • Family security requirements
  • Your freezer vs. refrigerator goals

If you want a freezer, you'll need at least 34 inches of clearance for most units that include refrigeration and a freezer compartment. For most efficient freezer use, consider a unit that has a separate freezer door. Many units that offer a separate freezer door also offer a crisper drawer, making these an excellent choice for your home bar.

For those looking for a dorm refrigerator, be sure to check out the wide variety of colors on the market. A student can treat themselves to cold water and healthy snacks from a purple, pink, green or teal refrigerator. Of course, they can also go with a stainless steel, white or black finish as well.

If you're looking to invest in a portable compact refrigerator, look for a compact refrigerator with 12V power options so you can power it up in your car on your way to a concert or a sporting event, a day at the beach or a road trip to a favorite hiking spot. When you reach your destination, your little refrigerator can be unplugged, picked up by the handle and carried to your picnic blanket with a cold beverage for everyone.

Finally, don't make your final choice until you see the clever options in the retro compact refrigerator design line. From bright red units with tiny pull handles and built-in bottle openers to the adorable aqua and standard white units, these compact refrigerators would be a great decorating inspiration in your family room or home bar.

Compact refrigerators can free up space in your kitchen, make it easier to accurately stock everyone's favorite beverage, and make your relaxation time more convenient. No matter how much room you have, you can find a spot for one of these units. You can also invest in a portable, plug it in on your counter and carry it with you on your next adventure.