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Comfy, Cozy: Top 5 Tips For A Welcoming Abode!

Ah, autumn: a brisk chill creeps in through condensed windows left timidly ajar; leaves curl inwards against the ever cooling temperatures; evenings are veiled by an unwelcome 5 o'clock darkness. 

Sure - the season starts out serene with its amber-hued treetops and soft morning mists - but as autumn hails the arrival of early winter your home becomes your respite from all-things-brisk. Bring some welcoming winter warmth into your home by following these clever tips for a cozy, snuggle-friendly pad.

1. Adorn Your House with Faux Fur

A thick, plush-looking faux fur throw transforms even the most simplistic of beds into a snug haven: rich, burnished beiges, bronzes and chestnuts in cropped lengths will evoke a vibe of organic warmth, whilst long, shaggy faux furs in tones of white and grey will create a husky-cuddle coziness. Likewise, make your sofa more inviting by laying up an assortment of different faux furs against the arms, seats and back; contrast colours to create an alluringly cozy nest which is both strikingly seasonal whilst being ideal for evening snugness.

2. Use The Glow of Candlelight

If you find that some of the corners of your home feel dark, well-placed lit candles will gently brighten these. And if you simply find that a room lacks a cozy appeal, place candles to add a warm glow to the room. Don't just use them on the dinner table; consider placing chunky candles on a hanging platform to create a simple, flickering chandelier, and create nooks throughout the room that will adequately - and safely - house smaller tea light candles. The more candles you use, the cosier the room will appear!

3. Don't Stop at The Fireplace

If your home features a working fireplace, this is an obvious go-to for winter warming and coziness. Achieving a roaring fire is essential (find out how to do this with our Four Step Guide), but don't simply light the fire and stop there! Allow the fireplace to set the vibe for the room, and continue the amber tones that it creates throughout the room: place candles of differing heights in a pyramid design on both edges of the mantle piece, and replace vividly bright light bulbs with dimmer, more ambient bulbs to create a relaxing, warming look.

4. Add Accents of Warmth

Whilst light, airy colours are ideal in the summertime, such cool colours will not instill a cozy feel throughout the autumn and winter months. Instead of going all out and repainting your feature wall a deep, warm tone, simply embellish the space with occasional accents of fiery colours. With neutrals such as oatmeals and creams making the foundation of the room, go for shades with red undertones such as auburn, sheer reds such as crimson, and golden tones of amber, all of which emanate a glowing energy that the mind associates with warmth - and thereby coziness. Wall art, cushions and ornaments featuring such undertones are a great temporary quick-fix for the cooler months.

5. Chill-Proof Your Floor

Nothing says winter like the shiver-inducing chill of a stone or wood floor underfoot throughout the autumn and winter. For a rustic appeal, layer up an assortment of rugs at different angles to each other. Build up the rugs from lightest to darkest colours, and be sure to go for complementary shaes as opposed to lots of clashing tones: berry shades including plum, terracotta, and auburn will all serve to enhance the warm undertones of the room, so try to incorporate these!