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Coloring by Numbers is Still Fun!

There has been a revolution when it comes to coloring. What was once thought of as just a young child’s activity, regained a lot of popularity with the introduction of adult coloring books. Suddenly adults were having fun coloring and making wonderful specialized pieces of personalized artwork.

No matter what age a person is, if they like coloring, it’s a good time. There are a great number of websites and applications which work to provide people with the coloring options that they crave. Whether it’s traditional paint by numbers, or the very popular paint pixels by numbers, there’s something for everyone who loves coloring.

Color by Numbers Books

There are a few different ways for people to get the things they need to color. The first and traditional way is to pick up coloring books from retail stores. They’re commonly available in bookstores, retail stores and toy stores. Some may also get lucky and find some in some drug stores or other locations.

People may also go online to find color by number pictures and books available for download. These images can be downloaded by people and then printed out on any printer. It’s a simple way to get an almost unlimited number of coloring patterns. Often the only cost is that of paper and printer ink.

Popular Color by Numbers Apps

There are a lot of apps right now offering the fun of color by numbers. People love to generate pictures, and smartphones are one of the most common places that they can do so now. The popularity of color by numbers apps continues to rise, and they are often in the top ranking charts in various app stores. Color by number Apps choose to offer up classic pixelated pictures rather than a traditional color by number book. Apps often offer both adult and child versions, allowing for different content levels and kinds of fun. Here are some of the most popular color by numbers apps out there on the internet now:

  • Colorfly - This is one of the biggest coloring apps out there right now. There are over 25 million people who have decided they want to take part in colorfly. Colorfly has a large number of color by number options, as well as other coloring settings. Even some wonderful famous paintings can be reimagined and colored in the app. It’s even free to use, with some in app upgrades available at a fee.
  • Color Therapy - This app is great because it allows people to socially connect with other people who love to color by numbers. People using color therapy can even use in app music to allow them to continue their relaxing experience.
  • Pigment - Pigment doesn’t just involve tapping on the spots necessary and then have the rest of the area be filled in. It also doesn’t work like pixel tapping coloring. While there’s numbers, Pixel also allows you to use your finger as a brush. It will simulate one of  over 20 different coloring tools. This leads to a pretty authentic experience.
  • ColorMe/Colorme - The name of this app differs depending on whether the phone operating system is Android or Apple. It’s a free app with lots of images. Unlike some others, it’s 100% kid friendly.