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Check Out The Best Smartphones On the Market!

A good smartphone is so much more than a way to make a phone call these days. A smartphone works as a radio. It works as a television. It works as your camera. It’s your movie theater. It’s your computer. A smartphone allows users to organize their lives. Being able to stay in touch with your family and friends is almost just a minor bonus to having a smartphone. 

However, each phone is different in their own way. Some have better battery life. Some offer photographer level cameras. Still other phones just focus on their tech level and performance.  The trick is identifying your own needs and picking a phone that matches them. To assist, some of the best smartphones have been identified in this article. Most are flagship or near flagship offerings. If you’re into picking up used phones or ones a generation or two behind, keep some of these in mind for a year or two from now! 

1 - Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If you’re looking for the tippy top of the smartphone market, it’s seemingly year after year the oversized Galaxy model. Currently things are no different. The S10 Plus offers a huge screen, great triple rear cameras and the top of the line android software. It’s light for the size, loaded with RAM and features a really nice battery. There’s a downside to a phone this great though. For some people with smaller hands, the size of it can be intimidating and arguably too much. It can also be rather expensive. Typically, startings costs for an S10 Plus runs around $1000. 

2 - Google Pixel 3

The Pixel continues to get better with each iteration. Despite not having the double or triple cameras of some other smartphones, the Pixel 3’s cameras are excellent. They make sure of some great technology that optimizes the photos it takes. The front does have dual cameras, allowing for many a selfie! 

3 - iPhone XS Max

If you love iPhones and you like oversized phones, then the XS Max is absolutely the phone for you. It features dual 12MP rear cameras for the perfect picture. The screen is 6.5 inches vs. 5.8 inch screen for the standard iPhone XS. The screen is the best aspect of the phone. The colors are incredibly rich compared to older displays. The battery life isn’t spectacular. But for a phone with a big screen and all of the iPhone infrastructure that iPhone users have come to rely on, the XS Max is an expensive but incredible answer. 

4 - Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei are still establishing themselves in the American marketplace. The P30 Pro is the kind of phone that can get attention. It’s got a big screen at 6.47 inches. The resolution is slightly lower than some of its competitors from Apple and Samsung, but it’s not actually noticeable. If you’re a photographer, the cameras on the P30 are incredible. They feature an ultra wide angle lens option. They also have a time of flight sensor and are great at taking low light photos. The biggest downside right now is that the phone isn’t getting additional support from Google for android. This is due to a Presidential order. However, people can still get the phone in the unlocked international version and work for AT&T or T-Mobile. It will not work with Sprint or Verizon. It’s a shame, since it’s an excellent phone. 

5 - Samsung S10e

If you’re looking for a high end phone on a budget, then the S10e is a great option.  Starting about $400 to $500 less than the S10 Plus, the S10e offers value. The cameras are great. Most of the features are equivalent. The biggest benefit for a lot of people is that the phone can be used in one hand by a normal person. The resolution is capped lower than some other phones, but for almost every aspect of viewing and media, that’s not going to be particularly noticeable. The best mid range phone on the market! 

6 - OnePlus 7 Pro

Okay, first thing that needs to be mentioned is the pop up camera. It’s novel and fun. Your selfies will take advantage of a triple lens, though the camera isn’t the best one out there. In addition, there’s no wireless charging option and you can’t use a microSd card. However, that’s not to say there aren’t perks. The OnePlus 7 is a full screen experience and there aren’t many of those available. The pop up camera keeps the front and back of the phone perfectly smooth. It features a huge battery, though the battery life isn’t quite as efficient as some higher end models.