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Broken Appliance? Choose the Right Repairman

Modern appliances make most household chores a breeze. They wash and dry clothes, dishes, sweep the floors, and they make just about any task much easier. There is only one problem. They are subject to stop working and need repair. These breaks rarely give any warning. Unless you have backups, the chore or function they perform goes undone until they get repaired.

One way you can minimize this problem is to use proper care for the appliance. Maintenance like cleaning or changing filters at recommended intervals and following other maintenance tips keep the appliance working at its best. Use the appliance only for the purpose it is designed. Clean and store it properly after every use. Simply follow the care guide that came with the appliance. When they do break, as they surely will sooner or later, you have a couple of remedies to consider.

How to Choose a Repairman

The first option is to find a repairman. There is a wrong and right way to find a good one; don’t just randomly choose one out of the phone book. First, make sure they are local. If at all possible, choose a repairman who lives in your town or community. They are not only more accessible, but they can usually make quick, emergency trips should any follow-up be necessary.

Choosing a local repair business builds business relationships both ways. The repairman gains you as a customer in his hometown and you gain a reliable repairman. They are more invested in the area if they live there. They are less apt to do a poor job or treat you unprofessionally. They know that they make or break their business reputation by how they treat their own hometown clientele.

Next, ask family, friends and neighbors whom they use for such repairs. Word of mouth is often the most accurate and best endorsement a business can have. Honest business owners are not willing to risk losing their good name just to make a few ill-gotten dollars. Ill-gotten gain can cost a lot more than its actual worth.

Check his credentials and experience. How many years has he been repairing appliances? What certifications does he have, or what service awards has his company earned? Find out if he is licensed, insured and bonded. Basically, you need to know how you are protected if his service is less than satisfactory. You must know in advance your legal recourse if it comes to that.

Home Appliance Warranties

While you are conducting your repairman research, check your appliance warranty. You need to first determine if the appliance is still under warranty. Be sure to read your warranty carefully. Sometimes the warranty does not say what you think it does. Ambiguous wording and warranty terms can be confusing. Call your manufacturer if you are not sure before telling the repairman something in error.

Next, check to make sure the repair is one that is covered through your warranty. If it is, you can save money on the repair. Some warranty coverage is conditional. Beware of the phrase, ‘certain conditions may apply’. It is important to know where you stand warranty-wise before speaking with your repairman. Your warranty coverage needs to be a part of your first conversation about your repair.

Some repairmen are wary of warranties because they sometimes have to wait to get paid through the company. Other warranty payment issues may come up as well, so clear it with your repairman. Make sure he knows this is warranty work before giving him the job.

Do It Yourself Appliance Repair

Okay, so your repairman search is unfruitful. Your warranty has long since expired. The repairman’s estimate is more than a new one would cost. Now what? Consider repairing it yourself. Do a little research. If you do not have a means to test the appliance and accurately diagnose it, take it to the appliance or hardware store and get them to test the components for you.

Do not attempt to repair it until you have a diagnosis. For instance, if it does not seem to be getting power, don’t just start replacing parts. First, have the power source checked out; then, check other power-related components. Taking the time to correctly diagnose the issue saves time, money and frustration.