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Boat Shoes Are Unique Among the Many Casual Shoes Out There

Boat shoes, also known as deck shoes or top-siders, are a must-have in the wardrobe. These shoes are unisex and the perfect addition to the summer footwear collection. They can be matched with slim clean-lined jeans, slacks, shorts, or khakis. Boat shoes help in having cooler feet in hot climate areas or during high temperatures.

Traditionally, boat shoes were to increase extraction on wet boat floors on the deck. Paul Sperry invented this footwear in the 1930s. He was a sailor and boatman who wanted the embarrassing slips and many falls on deck to stop. By the 1980s, boat shoes were fashionable and popular. There are special features to these shoes that make them unique and comfortable.

Special Features of a Boat Shoe

A boat shoe is just like any other average shoe. However, some features are unique to deck shoes. Since the original version of the shoes, there have been some slight modifications. But, the initial concept and purpose of the footwear remain. Below are a few of the unique features that turn a shoe into a boat shoe:

  • At first, all boat shoes came in different shades of brown leather. The modern boat shoes come in either canvas or leather uppers. They also have different patterns and color hues.
  • Boat shoes are treated to repel water and stain proof the uppers
  • Another unique feature of many boat shoes is that they are hand-sewn and top-stitched
  • To ensure durability, the laces are also leather. The leather shoelaces also make the shoe waterproof. However, modern boat shoes come with conventional laces.
  • They come with moccasin-style stitches to prevent and reduce chafing and rubbing on the toes
  • Boat shoes have a trademark white non-marking rubber sole
  • For the shoe to be held properly to the feet, they come with a 360-degree lacing design. The design makes sure the heel doesn’t pull out when getting around a boat.
  • Another special feature of boat shoes is the herringbone pattern carved into the soles
  • Boat shoes have shock-absorbing heel cups

Benefits of Boat Shoes

Buying a pair of shoes may seem like a thoughtless action. Moreover, shoes may not make it to the top of important matters. But, boat shoes need the buyer to put some thought into purchasing them. Some benefits of buying the right pair of boat shoes include:

  • Comfort - Any fisherman or sailor knows the importance of comfort when engaging in the activity. It is recommendable for daily use as they are never out of fashion. The comfort makes it easier to perform sporting activities, more fun, and stress-free.
  • Safety - Boat shoes sole patterns and material avoid fall accidents on wet and slippery surfaces. The leather uppers also prevent the shoe from soaking in water.
  • Durable - They are long-lasting as they remain in great condition even after long sea voyages or frequent use. They are costly to purchase, but their durability makes them worth it.

Popular Brands for Boat Shoes

There are numerous brands with different designs for boat shoes. For the right budget and style, there are numerous choices to fit personal preferences. Below is a compiled list of the popular brands for boat shoes:

  • Sanuk men’s Casa Barco - They are popular for their many slip-on designs. It has a vintage-washed canvas upper material with a removable footbed for easier cleaning.
  • Sperry Top Sider - This is the most recognizable boat shoe brand in the market. Its new eco-friendly bionic collection has a very cool patchwork stitch with over five recycled plastics. The brand ensures that the environment is safe and keeps the customers fashionable.
  • Brook Brothers - This is one of the most versatile pairs of boat shoes. The signature blue and white color code makes them unique. It allows men to pair the shoes with almost any outfit in the closet for the summer.
  • Swims Breeze Wave Lace - The quick-dry upper fabric makes this boat shoe perfect for summer activities. The shoes are also machine washable for a clean look all season.
  • Dockers Vargas - They are known for the 100% leather uppers. Also, the pairs fitted with extra support on the heels for a perfect day on the sea. This brand still manufactures the classic two eyelet design.