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Beautiful Jewelry Doesn't Just Have To Be Worn Around the Face

Jewelry is a huge part of the modern fashion world and can be used to accessorize and improve any outfit and event. Men and women can enjoy the stylish benefits of rings, earrings, necklaces and more to look and feel better about themselves while running regular errands or going to work. There are so many types of jewelry options out there, it can be difficult to know the true amount of choices available.

When deciding the outfit for the day, make sure to consider the many types and benefits of jewelry that can change an average outfit into something out of this world. Jewelry can easily accentuate the face or adorn the wrists and legs to add sparkle and class to the day. Take a look at the following options to get an idea of how to dramatically improve a wardrobe and be more self-confident.

Jewelry For the Neck and Above

Decorating a person's face and neck can be a fun way to highlight certain amazing features and also add style to an outfit before a party or social outing. Earrings are great pieces of jewelry for the ears that can come as small studs or dangling chains and gems. They can be worn casually during the day or to finish a look for a big night out on the town. Piercings or clip-ons can also be used to accentuate the nose or delicate arch of the eyebrows. Some fashionable individuals may be reluctant to get a piercing, which is often a permanent decision that needs to heal. However, for every piercing jewelry option, there is also the ability to find a clip-on alternative that is just as stylish.

Necklaces are also a great versatile jewelry choice that comes in many lengths and styles. From chokers to princess-style, necklaces can hug the neck or dangle low across the chest. Necklaces can be worn as private keepsakes under hoodies or t-shirts while going to class, or they can be the eye-catching centerpiece of modern low-cut blouses and dresses. When choosing the right jewelry for an outfit, determine the tone of the gathering or event to avoid being over or under-dressed. Choose metals, gems and chains that match and complement each other rather than clash or are slightly off-color. Coordinating jewelry can result in excellent, show-stopping fashion no matter the event or celebration. Every outfit can benefit from a necklace or clip-on that adds more class and style, improves self-confidence and elevates a casual outfit to something that's been thought about carefully and planned accordingly.

Jewelry For Below the Neck

Once the jewelry items for the head and neck have been determined for the day, it's time to go through options for the wrists, fingers and ankles. The hands are great areas of the body for jewelry from the fingers to the wrists to the shoulders. There are many types of rings available with stylish bands and diamonds that add sparkle and finesse to every regular handshake and wave. There are some that even link the rings to bracelets with fine chains with bells and baubles. Watches and bracelets are versatile options for wrist jewelry that can showcase personality while also serving practical daily functions. Many fitness and wellness watches have aesthetically pleasing and colorful bands that allow an individual to track incoming messages and health information with a simple click. They're very fashionable and a great conversation piece.

Fashionable individuals can also wear bands across their upper arms that complement short sleeve shirts or strapless dresses perfectly. Moving down the body, the ankles are a convenient place for anklets and charms. This type of jewelry is best for summer afternoons with bare legs to allow friends and family to appreciate the anklet. The charming chains and loops can link to the toes with rings for extra fashion during high-movement activities.

Jewelry is a great way to show personality and extra care in an outfit. Charms and bands can add soothing musical sounds to common movements to uplift the day and provide an enjoyable source of entertainment. There are many types of jewelry available that can be used together to create an overall fantastic look for any occasion.