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Assisted Living Homes Offer Many Features

There are many people with aging parents who worry about how they will live as they age. The concept of nursing homes can feel like it’s robbing them of their independence. Thankfully, there are options that can help without sapping a person of their spirits as they age. These are known as assisted living homes. 

Assisted living homes can also be referred to as retirement homes and nursing homes are often referred to as long-term care facilities. Assisted living homes can often appear as a row of homes, townhomes or a condominium building. The idea is that assisted living can give you the benefit of the services you need, without being a hindrance on the rest of your life! It’s an excellent balance that can promote a good quality of life in a person’s older years. There are many features that are provided through assisted living that make for a great lifestyle! 

1 - Homes and Condos Instead of Rooms

One of the most overlooked aspects of just how great an assisted living community can be is the living arrangements. In most cases, they essentially look just like any other home or condo complex. People can customize them with their own furniture, decorating and decor as they wish. The idea is to avoid some of the “hospital ward” feel that can appear in a nursing home. By having your own space that feels like a home, it’s easier to adjust to an assisted living home. 

2 - Enhanced Nutrition

Depending on the assisted living facility in question, it’s likely that they will provide meal services for residents who request them. Meals always take into account personal nutrition requirements! This is perfect for people who may be unable to unwilling to cook for themselves anymore. Nutritious meal planning and recipes are often available for residents who wish to do their own cooking! 

3 - Medication Management

Many people are forced to take a number of different medications as they age. Getting them confused or forgetting to take a dosage can be rather common. Assisted living facilities can provide medication management so that doses aren’t missed. Either the medication can be kept and dispensed, or they can simply provide helpful reminders when it’s time to take medication. Either way, this can help avoid potential problems or visits to the hospital due to accidents. 

4 - Enhanced Safety

People can’t feel comfortable if they aren’t safe. Safety at an assisted living community will usually start with physical safety. This means handrails for support in many locations. Ramps are a most common feature to reduce issues with stairs. There is usually plenty of safety precautions in place to prevent falls or other potential accidents. In many assisted living facilities there are also additional security measures in place from outside threats. This means there are likely fences, security systems, and in some cases security guards to give an extra feeling of protection and well being. 

5 - Social Options

Since assisted living homes are grouped into communities, there is a natural potential for social activities to be enjoyed. Sometimes there are planned groups for different hobbies and interests, but oftentimes that’s not necessary. Just meeting people will often present new people with similar inclusive interests. Tenants are usually happy to include more people into their activities. Assisted living facilities can allow for discovery of new interests that perhaps could have gone unfulfilled otherwise.