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Area Rugs Can Alter The Look and Feel of Your Decor

Area rugs cover only part of the floor, unlike carpets that cover wall to wall. They provide warmth, comfort, and decorative interest with their patterns, color, and texture. They can also act as a piece of art on the floor, especially in smaller areas within an open-plan space. Area rugs create a frame and shape furniture placement.

Besides, they are easier to clean and change. You can own a variety of area rugs that you alternate to match curtains and for special occasions. Finding the most suitable area rug to match your decor is a task on its own. Area rugs come in different styles, materials, and shapes. This article will look at several aspects of area rugs to try and help you learn more about this versatile piece of decor. 

Styles of Area Rugs

  1. Bohemian - Bohemian styles are full of intricate artistic and busy patterns that have vivid colors and express a wanderlust vibe and give personality to the space they occupy. They are by far the best choice to liven up a flat-looking space. Their patterns are both playful and romantic. Their superpower is that you can pair them with mixed styles like midcountry statement chars, metal, or coffee tables. Various vintage textiles, African mud cloth, batik style, and geometric throw pillows create a fabulous electric vibe.
  2. Contemporary - These are modern designs that are hard or soft, depending on the pattern and color. They are more suited to new informal homes due to their superior western designs. Contemporary rugs are generally characterized by striking contrasts, geometrics, abstracts, or free-form-style elements. They are diverse, and you can choose from a variety of options they offer.
  3. Traditional - Traditional area rugs have either Persian patterns or traditional European or Victorian patterns, which bring a touch of sophistication and class to any space. They are ornate, gorgeous, and contain intricate patterns that date back centuries. Most have a set of colors, including black, navy blue, maroon, white, red, green, and brown. They also contain elements like florals, borders, and central medallions like octagons, diamonds, and hexagons.
  4. Transitional - Transitional rugs fall between traditional and contemporary. They are traditional rugs that have adapted modern twists. They are more classic than traditional rugs and contain repetitive features and design elements. They blend well with natural elements like granite, stone, and wood.

Area Rug Materials

Obviously, there’s a lot of different materials that can be used to make area rugs. Some of the best options for your home will include: 

  • Wool - Wool is the most common rug material due to its air price, softness, and durability.
  • Polypropylene - This material is best for families with kids and people with pets. These rugs are stain-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Cotton - Cotton is often used to make flatweave rugs. It is more affordable compared to wool and also easy to clean.
  • Jute - Jute rugs are similar to sisal. They are affordable, easy to clean when kept in dry areas.
  • Silk - Silk is luxurious, lustrous, soft, and has a subtle sheen. Silk is, however, expensive and must be cleaned professionally.
  • Sisal - Sisal is the most potent natural fiber used to make area rugs. These rugs are durable, beautiful, and hold well in places with extremely high traffic.
  • Acrylic - This type of material is easy to clean. The material is beautiful, bright-colored, and does not fade in the sun.
  • Nylon - Nylon is also a durable, versatile, and affordable synthetic material. It dries quickly and is very resistant to dirt, static, abrasions, debris, and mildew.
  • Rayon - Also called viscose rugs are beautiful, affordable but highly fragile, and prone to shedding. These rugs are suitable for areas with less traffic. They are, however, hard to clean and maintain.

Finding Area Rugs to Purchase

Finding the most suitable area rug for your home is actually kind of tricky. However, there is a simple way to help you achieve your goal. Scale, style, and function technique is the surest way. First, measure the area you wish to place a rug. Rugs have different sizes, and it is crucial to find one that fits properly. Secondly, find the style that best accentuates your space. Furthermore, it would be best if you were selective with the color and precise with the patterns.  Lastly is function. Every part of the house has a specific function to play. It is imperative to take into consideration all those aspects. From there, you’ll be able to check with online or brick and mortar retailers for the right area rug. Adorn your home with love when picking a rag to add sophistication, comfort, and warmth to any living space.