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An Outdoor Water Fountain Adds a Touch of Class To a Home’s Yard

A water feature adds a lovely touch to any backyard landscaping scheme. Water fountains keep the air cool and provide a natural water source for birds and insects. A fountain can also be a boost to your emotional wellbeing. The soothing sound of water can be wonderfully relaxing as you sit in your backyard with a book enjoying the sunny skies.

Water features tend to invite birds, small wildlife and other welcome visitors to your garden. This gives your yard a sense of being more alive than it might otherwise be. Water features are also very attractive and can become a statement piece that will start many discussions during an outdoor party. With just a little work, you can have a backyard feature that gives you years of joy and pleasure.

Considerations Before Buying a Water Fountain

When you think about a water fountain, you need to consider that they come in a huge variety of sizes and styles. A water fountain might be a small element of a garden or part of a backyard pond. It can be a simple tabletop setup or a huge, elaborate stone structure complete with statues and benches.

Before you add one, it's important to plan what kind of fountain you want, where you plan to put it and how much work you want to personally put into this project. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Location. Where will you place your fountain? Will it be a standalone feature or part of a larger pool or pond?
  • Size. How big do you want it? A large fountain will cost more to install and maintain.
  • Material. You can make a water fountain from stones, concrete, river rocks, copper, brass, brick or other materials.
  • Power source. Will you install a pump that runs on electricity or one that runs on solar power?
  • Installation. Will you install it yourself or hire someone to do it?.
  • Style. Do you prefer a fountain that appears to be a natural part of the landscape, or do you want a formal water feature?

Types of Outdoor Fountains

There are several different types of outdoor fountains that you might choose to pick up. Some of them include: 

  • Solar-powered patio fountain - This simple fountain takes only minutes to set up. Place it in a corner of your yard or patio, fill the bowls with water and watch the fountain start working. A small yard shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a water feature. Some of these fountains are small enough to place on a tabletop or in a balcony garden.
  • Plastic pool with fountain - In this easy setup, all you need is a plastic tub or liner, a fountain and a solar-powered pump. You dig the hole, place the tub or liner in the ground and install the pump. You should place it in a sunny location. Doing the work yourself will save money, but hiring someone to do it will save you time and headaches.
  • Pool fountain - Create a natural pool by adding a stone surround, water plants, fish and reptiles to your basic pool. A waterfall in this type of fountain keeps the water moving to create a natural habitat. Over time, you’ll attract birds, reptiles and small wildlife. This is a more elaborate setup that will become a miniature ecosystem of its own.
  • Large stone fountain - A fountain that looks like it came from a European plaza adds a dramatic, elegant look to any outdoor space. These fountains are usually constructed from stone or brick with large central spouts. Unless you’re an experienced mason, you probably can’t build this yourself. Ask your contractor to help you design and install it.
  • Wall fountain - A waterfall feature on an outdoor wall makes an impressive backdrop to your patio or garden. Place it where you and your guests can easily enjoy it. This is a complicated setup that a contractor will have to install.

Cost of Installation

The cost of installing a water fountain can vary widely, depending on the type of fountain you install and whether you’re doing it yourself. A tabletop or patio fountain that requires no serious installation can cost $50 to $100. A plastic liner and pump can cost from $500 to $2000 for the materials alone. Installation of waterfalls and large stone fountains can cost $10,000 or more. There's a fountain to fit every budget, so don't miss out on the chance to add a lovely water element to your yard.