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All The Ways You Should Be Using Your Lint Roller, But Just Aren’t

The general assumption is that a lint roller is only used on clothing, but that is so far from true, there is so much more you can do with your handy cleaning tool.

Listen, if you don’t have a lint roller lying around your home, just go get one; it is a household essential!

Here are a few things you can do with your lint roller:

Broken Glass

Ah, snap, you dropped your wine glass on the floor, and now you have little shards of glass all over the place. Time to dig out your vacuum cleaner to pick up those nasty little pieces before they cut someone, right? 

Wrong! Grab your lint roller and have fun rolling it across the area where you broke the glass, no hassle playing around with a wire, plug, and nozzle! 

Dirty Bags

We just don’t know how this always happens. You’re switching gym bags, handbags, or whatever bag, and you notice all the dust and dirt inside. Well, best get that cleaned before you use it again. You turn it inside out, and then you get a wet paper towel or cloth to clean up the rest. 

Why are you torturing yourself? Get your lint roller in on that cleaning action; you’ll have it all sorted in no time! 

Crumbs On The Floor

If you have a pet, you know the struggle on keeping your kitchen floor clean. It’s always a case of grabbing the broom, sweeping it all up, and then getting the dustpan and brush to pick it all up. 

It’s just such a hassle! Next time pick up your lint roller and roll it over the crumbs. You’ve never been able to clean the mess so easily! 


You’ve been out, and somehow you’ve got glitter all over your face, clothes, and pretty much everything you’ve touched since you got in the door. Oh, well, you’ll just have to wait for weeks before you can get rid of all those little sparkles. You’ll look like you’re a party animal, but who cares? 

Nah, quit struggling for days on end, and use your lint roller. It’s the best tool for “glitter be gone” syndrome. 


It’s a fact. There are just certain pieces of furniture you just can’t keep clean, like your lamps and your couches. We’ll bet that every time you want to get them cleaned you end up grabbing a bowl of water and a small cloth. You have to remember to be super careful not to get too much water on anything. Otherwise, you’ll get the inevitable water stain. 

Why does keeping things clean have to be so difficult? Well, it doesn’t! Get your lint roller in on the cleaning action, and it’ll be as good as new in no time! 

You’re welcome, we love our lint roller, too!