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A Kid's Bed Should Be Comfortable And Make Them Feel Safe

Kids spend a lot of time in their room, so it should be warm and inviting. This way, they will enjoy their time there and want to sleep in their own bed at night. Kids need to feel secure and comfortable, especially if they are transitioning from their parents' bed into their very own bed. There are many different styles of beds to choose from, and some beds will even "grow" with the child as they get older, so they'll get many years of use out of it. There are even many different bedding styles, and bedding is easy to update for a new look or as a child's favorite colors or characters change. There are many bed items such as plush animals and pillows that can be added to match the rest of the bedroom's theme and create a fun and cozy environment.

Kids Bed Styles

There are many different types of beds for kids to choose from. Toddler beds are the perfect size for small children and are usually the best choice for transitioning from a crib. Some are even adjustable and will grow with the child as they get older. A common size of bed for many older children is a twin, twin XL, or full-size bed. They may have a headboard and footboard or may even have four posters that can be used to hang a canopy or little lights for a fun and comforting feel. The bookcase bed is another great option and typically has drawers underneath for extra storage or clothing, as well as a built-in mini bookcase that also serves as a headboard. A daybed also makes an ideal sleeping spot for children since it is smaller than the typical twin-size bed. It can also double as a type of small couch during the day that can double as a reading nook or hangout spot.

Choosing The Right Kids Bed

A bed should match the needs of a child as well as suit their bedroom. If the bedroom is small, it would be a good use of space to get a bed and desk combo with built-in storage. That way, it doesn't take up too much space while still providing a place to draw or do homework as well as store clothes. To find the perfect bed, it will be necessary to visit a few stores and to examine a few different beds in person. It is always best to shop in-person over buying online because it is easier to imagine how it will look in the room it will be in. It is also easier to see the true vibrancy of the color up close, and feel the softness of the mattress and the sturdiness of the bed frame. For safety, the frame should have smooth or rounded joints, and any gaps should be narrow enough that a child will not get stuck in-between them.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are great space-savers and are ideal for families with multiple children since it makes it possible for more than one child to share a room without taking up all the floor space needed to fit in other furniture such as the dresser and nightstand. They also put to good use all the normally wasted ceiling space, which is ideal for small-sized rooms. There are many variations of bunk beds. Some are wood, while others are metal, and some even have three beds. There are also accessories such as canopies that can be added to a bunk bed to make it feel cozier and still others come equipped with slides to make getting down from the top bunk extra fun. They are even economical since there is no need to purchase additional bed items such as headboards, footboards, and box springs. Bunk beds also make it possible for large families to fit comfortably into smaller homes since they are so compact.