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A Beautiful Chandelier Adds Class to Any Room

Throughout the home, there are often a few showpiece items of decor that can get guests talking and allow homeowners to feel pride. For many of these homes, the biggest showpieces are chandeliers. These light fixtures hang from the roof and often provide a dazzling appearance. 

There are many different types of chandeliers that can be chosen for a home. What’s more, there’s seemingly an infinite amount of chandeliers that can be chosen for differing decors. When most people think of chandeliers, they think of the gigantic and elegant chandeliers shown off in movies and castles around the world. However, chandeliers have advanced and there are plenty of other options to try out. 

1 - Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are arguably the most well known style of chandelier. Crystal chandeliers are all about wonderful reflection of light. They offer up a taste of high class and sophistication. Typically, crystal chandeliers are symmetrical in design (though not always) and have a roughly circular shape for the lights. Many chandeliers offer teardrops that catch the light and add extra sparkles and reflective light. 

2 - Modern Chandeliers 

Modern chandeliers offer a different take on the chandelier. Modern chandeliers try to take in modern styling and beautiful designs. Many of the chandeliers look much like pieces of modern art that have been created throughout the world. Modern chandeliers can have swooping arms, lights rods, linear looks or asymmetric multi light looks. The best part about modern chandeliers is that they can provide a huge number of options. All it takes is one chandelier that strikes the fancy of the buyer. 

3- Sputnik and Starburst Chandeliers

A subsection of modern chandeliers includes sputnik and starburst chandeliers. If you’re looking to decorate your home with some extra personality and character, then either a starburst or sputnik chandelier could be for you. The Starburst chandelier has a bit of a retro style, with multiple apertures reaching out from a central point in all directions. The light bulbs come from the end of each of these spokes. Sputnik chandeliers have a similar appearance, except they have multiple different non lighting spokes sticking out making the chandelier look like the famous space probe. 

4 - Antler Chandeliers 

Admittedly the antler chandelier is one style that only works with a specific type of decor. Antler chandeliers are made from antlers that have been shed by deer or other antler based animals. There are also less expensive versions that are imitation. These chandeliers still provide the impressive look of an antler chandelier. Antler chandeliers are typically rather large and are best in country or rustic stylings. 

5 - Globe Chandeliers

These types of chandeliers can also be referred to as orb chandeliers. This style can be either modern in style or offer up a very classic retro iron look. The lighting elements within the globe chandelier are actually within the interior of the sphere. The exterior of the sphere may be made up of a variety of different methods. All of them allow the light to reach the exterior, often with additional twinkles or sparkles. Some simpler offerings will simply use elegantly designed exterior wires to create the orb.