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9 Essential Tips For Your Loft Conversion

The attic is that most functional - but not necessarily most lovable - of spaces in the home that simply begs for conversion into something more than a mere storage area.

Whether you turn your loft into a home study, games room, lounge, cinema room, bedroom or something entirely different, there's no denying the scope that it offers to flaunt your imagination and explore your wildest dreams for a home space.

So, why not consider 9 of our favourite design tips for this underrated part of your abode?

1. Maximize natural light

It's the top of your home, so don't miss out on your chance to make it your 'window upon the world'. Fit fixed double-glazed windows between the roof rafters or assorted skylights to provide a truly spectacular view and watch the sun's rays flood in.

2. Create atmosphere with the right lighting

You also shouldn't underestimate the role that artificial lighting can play in setting just the right mood in your attic. From dimmer switches and recessed energy-efficient spotlights to bedside wall lights and directional spotlights attached to exposed beams, there are many possibilities!

3. Incorporate lots of storage options

When converting their attic, many people simply board over those nooks and crannies that could otherwise make great storage spaces. Make the most of those awkward corners and areas with suitably bespoke units and shelving.

4. Get the decoration right

Given the slanting ceiling and strange angles of the room, attics often tend to be a relatively small space. As such, don't make your attic appear even smaller and dingier with dark colours that make the environment feel enclosed: a lighter, paler or vibrant shade across the whole room will likely work best.colours that make the environment feel enclosed: a lighter, paler or vibrant shade across the whole room will likely work best.

5. Consider where the stairs will be 


Your staircase may be a functional necessity, but you should be careful to ensure it takes up the minimum required amount of space. Consider a spiral staircase, or stacking your new steps over your existing principal staircase.

6. Make your space multi-functional

You may occasionally wish to allow visitors to stay over, so why not incorporate this into your attic conversion from the off. Provide sofas that can double-up as beds or other fold-down furniture.

7. Apply soundproofing to the floors

Wooden flooring can look amazing within your converted loft, but the noise that the footsteps on that floor can make down below might not be so welcome. You should therefore think carefully about your revamped attic's soundproofing needs, which may involve many insulating and sound-deadening materials.

8. Use wood to board the ceiling

Many people presume they have to plaster the ceiling, without realising the appealingly rustic style that a wood-boarded ceiling can have. Nor does such an option necessarily need to leave you out of pocket as much as you might think.

9. Introduce an additional bathroom

Add even greater versatility and convenience to your loft conversion with an en suite bathroom, which will save the loft's occupants the need to come downstairs for everything from washing their hands to bathing and showering.

Who would have thought that effectively adding an extra storey to your home could bring so many interesting design possibilities?