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17 Flea Market Essentials For Home Life

Every flea market offers an array of undiscovered gems without the hefty price tags of top stores!

When you are populating your home with items, you don't need to pay top-whack in order to get top quality - simply invest in the following 17 items that you can pick up for next to nothing when you sift through the market stalls...
1. Chairs

Chairs have long been a key focus for those seeking the finest 'shabby chic' items; when you attend a flea market, there are all kinds of curious and often quirky vintage styles on offer.

2. Coffee table

A coffee table can form the centrepiece of your living room: those at flea markets offer both a practical and rustic appeal.centrepiece of your living room: those at flea markets offer both a practical and rustic appeal.centrepiece of your living room: those at flea markets offer both a practical and rustic appeal.centrepiece of your living room: those at flea markets offer both a practical and rustic appeal.

3. Sofa

Whether you are one for the classic leather sofa look or like to sink yourself into something a bit more contemporary, an array of styles can be found at a flea market - for a fraction of the price of a brand new suite!

4. Outdoor furniture

Well worn but full of character, if you see a complete set of rustic wood or classic wrought iron outdoor furniture, snap it up before the next intrepid bargain-hunter comes along. Outdoor furniture becomes weathered quickly, so buying brand new is pointless!

5. Artwork

Many any people seem to be interested in flea market artwork only for the extravagant frame adorning it. Don't be one of them - there may be some real unsung painterly or sculptural masterpieces waiting to be discovered. For a contemporary vibe, look for abstract paintings!

6. Books

Books are a route into another world, and you can certainly access many a new world from home when you stock up on earthly tomes at your nearest flea market. Elegant, intricately illustrated cases make for a beautiful addition to your bookshelves, too!

7. Vintage Magazines

From vintage clothing to decor styles which have come back into fashion, old magazines can provide you with a host of interesting reads! And there is a certain nostalgic intrigue in reading the highlights from decades past...

8. Cutlery

Intricately embossed silverware can add some rustic, traditional British appeal to your home: reduce the tarnished look with some polish, and this elegant 'olde worlde' cutlery will embellish your dining table.

9. Candle holders

From delicate glass lanterns to statement pillar candle holders, flea markets offer an abundance of different choices - ideal for decorating your mantlepiece, table tops and window sills.

10. Antique toys

From classic Diecast cars to charming wooden rocking horses, there is an appeal behind toys which resonate a past era; cleaned up and refreshed, these are also an ideal unique gift given the rarity of each toy!

11. Tools

In need of garden tools? Household tools? Power tools? Don't head to the DIY store without checking out your local flea market's offerings first: this could save you a small fortune!

12. CDs

From cringe-worthy one hit wonders to age-old classics, refresh your CD collection from a vast and varied selection - for a fraction of the price.

13. Vinyl records

The appeal behind glossed black vinyl records is something which is appreciated by the more mature generation: whether used for their original purpose or for hanging as decorative wall art, flea markets have an assortment to choose from.

14. Music players

Whether it's a flamboyant old gramophone that you've got your eye on, or instead that long yearned-for vinyl turntable, at a flea market you can find such vintage gems for much cheaper than elsewhere.

15. Cabinets

Ideal for creating the chic cottage look, vintage or reclaimed cabinets from a flea market will save you the price tag of a new product whilst helping to give your house a lived-in vibe.

16. DVD players

With technology constantly improving, many consumers strive to keep up to date. This results in slightly older DVD players being cast off in next-to-new condition, meaning some potentially heavy discounts to be had!

17. Storage chest

Vintage or reclaimed chests make for an eye-catching addition to a bedroom!