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15 Wow-Factor Front Doors

The front door greets every visitor to your home before you do - be it friends, family, or the nosy neighbor - so ensuring that it makes a good first impression is pretty important! But with a wealth of colors, materials and styles to choose from, choosing the right front door to suit your house can seem like a daunting task! 

Whether you have just bought a new house and are looking for the right front door to complement it, or are simply looking to refresh your home, to help you narrow down your front door-hunt, explore these 17 beautiful front doors - hand picked by us!

1. A beautiful, deep red contrasts sheer white pillars, with an intricate pediment adorning these columns. Gold letter box, door knocker and other elements complete the look.

2. A sleek, paneled wood door with minimal black handle emanates an organic yet contemporary vibe, and vast sheets of glass adorn the front exterior to let light flood in.

3. A bold, black door is broadened by side panels which feature stained glass embellishments, and a semi-circular transom window with filigree black metal boldly crowns the front entrance. Traditional tiles enhance a regal vibe.

4. Set back against soft sandstone hues, this duck egg blue door is both delicate and striking. Richly coloured potted plants contrast the pale tones, and an eye-catching pediment contrasts the muted style of the door.

5. Warm tones in this natural wooden door are vibrant against the cooler undertones of the surrounding brick, and the greenery and violet flowers enhance these warm tones. A semi-circular transom window and corresponding brick layout add intrigue to this doorway.

6. A light sandstone pediment and corresponding columns are brought into this navy door through a bold semi-circular transom window.

7. Set against a vivid red brick, white statement awning and pillars contrast this dark teal door which features convex metal detailing. Multi-square, white panelled transom window completes the bold look.

8. A soft blue, paneled wood door is embellished with cottage detailing: a heart shaped wreath, thatched awning and dense, curling shrubbery.

9. A vibrant door resonates the warm tones of sunshine, bringing to life the tones of amber and red within the brick all year round. Shrubbery which adorns the house adds a rustic vibe.

10. Light teal filigree metal adds intrigue to the glass panels on this door, whilst gold detailing enhances a luxurious appeal. Elegant surrounding stonework frames this entrance in added grandeur.

11. Abundant green ivory winds around this richly colored wooden door, but leaves just enough of the white columns visible to create a striking contrast between tones. Quaint surrounding cobbles enhance the rustic vibe.

12. Chunky sandstone steps lead up to a Mediterranean-esque white exterior: the hue of the pediment, pillars and door is contrasted by the beautiful tones of autumn which crown the entrance.

13. Multiple frosted glass panels featuring etched detailing create an ethereal vibe which elegantly contrasts this simple, rustic, dark wood door.

14. Mosaic tiles and potted bay trees lead to a grand front entrance: a gold embellished black door is crowned by striking cream pillars and an intricate double semi-circular transom window which features metal filigree detailing. Textured stonework surrounding this window creates the look of a rising sun.

15. A simple, vivid red door is contrasted by thin white panels, a rustic wooden upper frame and cool tones of natural stone. A steep pointed roof and quaint wall lantern add cottage character to this entrance.