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15 Ingenious Remodelling Ideas For Your Home

Looking for inspiration to spark your next home remodelling venture? Cue our exploration of 15 ingenious remodelling ideas to try!remodelling ideas to try!remodelling venture? Cue our exploration of 15 ingenious remodelling ideas to try!

1. Open up your bathroom with a sleek sunken bathtub: space is enhanced as the bulk of the tub isn't visible.

2. Create the illusion of a hidden door and enhance storage space by incorporating a bookcase into the structure of a door.

3. If your house does not have the layout to facilitate a downstairs toilet, utilise the closet underneath the stairs to create an improvised space.

4. Create a place to curl up by turning the space underneath the staircase into a cosy reading nook: complete with a soft lamp or fairy lights for a relaxing vibe.

5. Enhance your fireplace with a built-in seating area: ideal for access to the warmth of the fire without the need to sprawl on the floor.

6. Make the most of attic space by replacing a dim cave with fresh white walls and hammock-esque netting spanning across an open ceiling: complete with pillows, Eidson-style globe bulbs, and skylights for stargazing.

7. For the spa advocates, create a makeshift steam room by installing a recliner bed into the structure of your walk-in shower: carefully turn up the shower to full heat, sit back and relax.

8. Create a structured library for your mass of books and DVD's by turning the side of your staircase into a geometric storage space.

9. Create a spacious and organic feel in your bathroom through a concealed ceiling shower which gives the appearance of a delicate, flowing waterfall: go for well placed spotlights and a walk-in design without glass doors to enhance this.

10. Make double use of your fireplace if it runs through the center of your property: using the fireplace to create a serene ambience in a downstairs bathroom, seal off the flames using a fireproof glass partition.

11. Create an outcropping glass nook from one of the walls in your home: furnish this with a mini-mattress and cushions, and snooze or read cosily come wind, rain or shine.

12. For an illusion of the outside being inside, create a room featuring a Roman Baths-style sunken tub, organic decor, and at least one floor to ceiling window: enhance this with a broad skylight.

13. For a contemporary, minimal frame staircase which still permits storage, go for a corner block which features hidden space.

14. For a tranquil spa feel, create a bathroom wall featuring gentle indents: use a fire-resistant stone, and line these indents with candles to adorn the room with gentle, flickering light.

 15.  Open up your bedroom and enhance a contemporary vibe with a trio of skylights: stargaze, rain watch and bask in sunlight from the comfort of your bed. Be sure to invest in dark blinds to ensure your Sunday morning lie-in is not affected!