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11 Magically Luxurious Christmas Tree Styles

December: the sky threatens snow, your home becomes increasingly festive, and the countdown to Christmas begins. 

With the festive season often embellished through tones of glistening gold and silver, many of us strive to achieve that luxurious festive look when it comes to our own Christmas decorations. Cue our 11 ultra luxurious Christmas tree styles to inspire your Christmas decorations at home...

Via Simplicity Interiors

This delicate Christmas tree features minimal decorations: silver icicles hang from unencumbered, deep green branches, with the occasional metallic star or bauble adding a glint of shine.

Via French Country Cottage

Resonating an early morning frost with its all-white design, this Christmas tree is both fresh and pristine. An assortment of baubles in rose gold and silver-grey hues add a touch of richness to the tree.

     Via Pier 1

Delicate yet dazzling, this miniature Christmas tree makes a statement through its warm golden tone: a contrasting over-sized star completes the look.

Via Dropplace

Royal blue ribbons and heart baubles are contrasted by silver beading and white decorations. Similarly contrasting presents, velvet stockings and Christmas wreathe enhance the regal effect.

Via Front Gate

Tones of vivid holly berries and deep cranberries complement rich gold beads and baubles in this busy-looking Christmas tree, creating an eye-catching finish.


As if freshly taken from sprawling woodlands, this Christmas tree features a snow capped look. Rich gold decorations bring the look to life.

Via Pretty Providence

Combining elements of nature with aspects of luxury, earthen tones within ribbon and ethereal snowflake tree hangings contrast with twinkling gold fairy lights and baubles of metallic hues.

Via RAZ Imports

Resembling a snow covered forest ground, frosted blue bows embellish this Christmas tree like winter bluebells. These are complemented by tones of ivory, green and gold.

Via Pinterest

Soft golds and ivory come together gently in the form of elegant flowers and delicate baubles. These light tones contrast the deep green hue of the Christmas tree: twinkling fairy lights complete the look.

Via Traditional Home

Resonating tradition, this Christmas tree encapsulates hues of spiced orange and acorns. A natural appeal within leaf-embellished branches is contrasted by the gem-like glisten of amber baubles.

Via Front Gate

Opulent decorations of luxuriously vivid red and gold embellish each and every inch of this dazzling Christmas tree, whilst golden branches crown the top of the tree for a striking finish.

As you get your home ready for the festive season, don't forget to make it a welcoming winter haven - discover how to get the perfect winter home, as well as how to make your home ultra cozy!